Anyone doing anything out of the medical norm

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Anyone doing anything out of the medical norm

Anyone doing anything natural or alternative with their PG. I still go to a naturalpath. I have acupuncture tomorrow. And then in two weeks I have cranio sacral therapy. I think all of these will help keep me calm and feeling better. I like to work with both sides...see my OB as often as she wants and then use these other therapies to compliment my treatment. Oh and I also see a Chiropractor about 1 a month. I started with non-medical therapies when my son was diagnosed with CP and saw so many differences in him that I started. Anyone else

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I absolutely love acupuncture. At first I was a total skeptic, but I was have fertility issues so I started going to assist with that while we did IVF. To my surprise I found it to be totally relaxing...even more so than a massage. My plan was to continue through my pregnancy, but being on bed rest has prevented me from going.:( As soon as I am off bed rest I wil be back in to see her for certain!

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I see the chiropractor at least 1 time a week.I have horrible trouble with my neck and shoulders and really couldnt survive without it.That is the only thing I do out of the normal.

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Nothing here. I didn't have any drugs for Evan's birth and don't plan on doing any pain meds/epidural etc this time. But that's just a personal preference - I found the pain of labor not nearly as scary as being stuck in the bed with an epidural. I'm a control freak like that Smile I got up and showered with in an hour of his birth. I like to have control over my movement Smile But I'll have a hospital birth and all that, it was a great experience last time so hopefully it will go as well this time. My mom gets acupuncture and loves it. If I had more time I'd probably consider it for relaxation etc but just not a lot of time here!

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I go to a chiropractor every 3 weeks. He's wonderful. He treated me till I was 36 weeks pregnant, and when I stopped, my bp went up. I just couldn't get comfortable on the table anymore. I just wonder how I'll manage going there with two kiddos once this one arrives...the office is the downstairs of his house, but there's like 4 steps to get in, and the tx rooms are teeny tiny. Jack plays with the paper roll at the head of the table and watches Dr. Pinto do his stuff. Its great.

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I'm go to accupuncture twice a week. I am also starting a prenatal yoga class. I am also into reiki and energy healing. Really helps relax me.

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THIS! I'm a second generation Mom naturally birthed, breastfed, took us to naturopaths and declined vaccines. I have an increasing amount of respect for her (which I hear is normal to develop a lot more respect for your Mom during a first pregnancy) making choices she felt were best in an era when they were a lot less common.

So, yeah. I'm piling on the vitamins and spirulina, seeing a fantastic midwife who really supports "informed choice" and trying to develop a daily hypnobirthing practice. I have a strong interest in reiki, though I've not made the steps to become a practitioner.