Anyone home with LO's by yourself now?

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Anyone home with LO's by yourself now?

Those of you at home with more than one child, how are you managing?
My DH has to go back to work in 2 more weeks and I am already freaking out cause I don't know how I will handle the 2 boys and Sunniva by myself! My MIL is even here to help out right now & I still feel like taking care of the baby takes all of my time and energy!

Got any suggestions for me when DH goes back to work? Oops, baby is waking up from her nap....

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Not yet! SO goes back sometime soon after 1st January, totalling a little more than 8 weeks off. I'm pretty lucky -- but he also works for a mean corporation that hasn't approved a vacation for him in like 3 years, so he's totally earned all that paid time Smile

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Drugs... lots and lots of drugs... LMAO! DH only was able to take a couple of days off with me before he went back to work, so I had all four of the kids by myself for a week before we went out of town to Idaho... it was crazy! Especially with getting my boys ready for school (DH takes them) and then getting DD and the baby ready to go pick them up! I swear it takes FOREVER to get out of the house! My boys are out of school for the next two weeks, so I'm actually looking forward to my days off this week (Tuesday and Wednesday), not having to get up early or go get them from school. Now I'm just praying that they all behave and don't drive me up the wall!!

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Dh didn't take much time off this time, he had a few days in between jobs (we own a construction company framing houses), so he was able to be home for a few days, but I have been on my own with the kids for a few weeks now. I'm not going to lie, its tough! We also just moved a month ago, so dd hasn't switched into her new JK class for school yet, will hopefully have her enrolled by this week, and start in the New Year. I am also stuck at home during the day as we haven't purchased a new vehicle yet that will fit the three kids in. Dh's work truck fits us all, but he uses it during the day, and my Audi the seats are sport bucket seats so it will not fit the carseats all in a row in the backseat. Once I get my new vehicle, it will be easier, because I can go out and visit some friends and such. I am getting a lot accomplished by being at home, though.
My advice, is take each day as it goes, and if you don't get what you want accomplished for that day (ie. all the laundry washed, floors mopped, etc), don't stress out. Your kids need you the most, and as long as they are fed and taken care of, then you are doing a fantastic job! I like to think of myself as super mom (as in my house has to be tidy/laundry has to be done, bake things, and make fancy suppers-my dh puts a lot of pressure on me for those things *sigh*), and a lot of people think I have it all together, but some days we just stay in our pj's and watch movies.. especially on the days that Logan thinks he needs to eat every hour or is fussy.
Good luck to you, I'm sure it will be fine! Just stay positive! Smile

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My DH works over seas a month on and a month off and he leaves on the 21st, I'm freaking out! I'm going to have all 3 boys by myself for 6 weeks this hitch! We don't have family that lives here either, so I'm on my own. My boys aren't in school or daycare, they stay with me, so are schedule is flexible but it's still going to be difficult to juggle the older ones and the baby. I just hope I don't go insane before DH comes home!

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This week I'm on my own Smile Mon and Tues Evan goes back to daycare so those 2 days won't be too hard then the next 3 it's both boys which I'm sure will be a bit of a challenge to get in a routine with. I'll probably have to wear Rory a lot b/c he's very unhappy when put down even in the swing or vibrating chair.

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yep, on my own. DH was off the monday we came home from the hospital, tues, wed and then was back to work on thursday. it's been pretty difficult but mostly that's just because my 2.5 year old is being a huge PITA! he is jealous and whiny and crying alot and ugh, just difficult. thank GOD the baby has been pretty good!

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On my own here, but I do have a lot of eager helpers! When I had 3 kids, I remember how hard it was to do things, you are totally outnumbered... just try to set minimal goals, don't plan on being super housewife or anything. Baby will get older soon enough and things will get easier.

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It isnt always easy!.I have been home by myself since Landon was 4 days old.DBF couldnt take time off at all. I am lucky that the 4 oldest kids go to school ( even though mornings are CHAOS!!!) so at home during the day is just me the baby and my 4 year old. Honestly I am not getting much done throught the week. I am lucky to get to the bathroom! If I get a shower it is a good day. Priority is important.I have to decide what HAS to be done what NEEDS to be done and what can wait. It is pretty simple most times, kids HAVE to be fed and tended too, cleaning/laundry needs to be done and everything else can wait. I tend to leave everything that doesnt HAVE to be done until DBF is home so that he can tend to the kids. Dont worry it wont take long until you figure out what works for you.Just dont get overwhelmed.You are only one person and can only do so much.A dirty house is a sign that you tended to the kids instead of cleaning so that is a good thing.

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I was home alone with my 3 kids the day after coming home from the hospital. I did it for 2 weeks and finally last week DH was able to take some time off to help. Good thing too because both my big kids got sick and I had mastitis! Thankfully DH is "off" work until after the holidays, but he does have to spend the occasional day in the office - like today. He's also out of town from the 22nd to 24th, so I have to do all the final holiday prep on my own with the 3 kids.

It is hard! My big kids are watching a lot of tv.

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I've been home with both kids pretty much since a week after Trinity was born. DH took the first week off, but I was in the hospital till Thursday. The second week he worked M-W, and then had Thursday and Friday off. Since then, he's been back to working 50-60 hour weeks. Ugh.

It is hard, and its hard to get into a routine. I agree, setting minimal goals for yourself is super important. I feel accomplished if I get showered and both kids dressed and fed by 10. And Its a bang up day if I actually get the diapers off the coffee table by the time DH gets home from work!! Seriously!

Oh and take out/prepared foods from the store are the best friends I have. Today I actually got dinner going already-its a crock pot meal-pot roast and potatoes. Hopefully its yummy.

good luck!!!

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I'm very lucky DH's office is downstairs and with the season he's not driving too much. He is very conscious of helping and wants to be home as much as possible. Today for example will be an easy day, he was out the door 8:30 driving north so that he can be home before 3 - and school is out so we are enjoying not rushing around! I'm such a wussy & don't feel like a very capable Mummy... next month he goes travelling to Toronto & Jamaica for work, so he's gone for a week. With DD's school in the morning I was stressing out about it (I'm sure I could manage a couple 3 days but a whole week??) so he asked his Mom to come stay to help & she's agreed. I'm such the lucky ducky!!! I'm also thinking in a month that DS will be a bit easier to handle too, or I'll be a pro by then lol.