Appointment today (updated)

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Appointment today (updated)

I have my first appointment this morning. I have my MIL watching Jackie for me, I told her it was my "yearly lady appointment", since we're not ready to come out to everyone yet. Two friends know. That's it. I *think* things are good with my pg, I am 9w2d now. Between now and 13 weeks is when I get nervous, because thats when I experienced a m/c my first pregnancy.

Anyhow, here's to hoping for a good appointment!!!

Appointment went well. I just love the practice I go to. One of my good friends goes there too and just had her baby yesterday, so I showed off pictures of Little Logan. I also got so show off cute Easter pics of my boy, and got hugs from the nurses. Oh, and I got to see Dr. Desai. God, I love him. He's just so nice, and VERRRRRYYYYY easy on the eyes. He was great. BP was fine, everything was good. Gotta do a 24 hour pee test and the pre-e bloodwork just to establish a baseline. He is hopeful that I won't develop it again. Smile

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Good luck today Anne!!! I hope everything goes well. I had to lol at the excuse you gave, since I have used it myself Wink

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Good luck today - let us know how it goes!

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Sounds like a great appointment!

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I'm glad you had a good appointment...and hope you have peace of mind!