appt today (new doc)

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appt today (new doc)

Had my.first appt at my new OB office today. It went well and we got a quick US with the portable wasn't the best machine so we couldnt tell what they were for.sure. he was almost positive one was a boy and the other "could" be a girl but he was very.clear that he wasn't sure...both babies looked good. Have my big ultrasound in 2 weeks!!! So excited!!

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Glad you had a great appointment! How did you like the new doctor?

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So glad your appt. went well!

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Congrats on a good appointment and getting a fun little sneak peak! You must be going nuts waiting for the big, official ultrasound!

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Yay! Congrats on a good U/S and seeing your babies!

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One of each would be amazing! Smile

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I am glad you had a nice appointment! I hope the babies cooperate in 2 weeks so you will know for sure!

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"justinehonor" wrote:

Glad you had a great appointment! How did you like the new doctor?

I really loved the new doctor everyone was very positive and upbeat which was nice.... I got most my questions answered about the deliver as well...

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That's great you had a good visit, liked the doc and got sneak peeks at the babies! Awesome news you have one boy confirmed, I'll bet that goes a long way to two weeks ultrasound not feeling like it's too far off.

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cool one of each! (maybe)

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I am glad that the appt went well and that you got some questions answered!