Appt Went Well!

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Appt Went Well!

I saw my new OB today. Was excited when he gave me a quick u/s! Baby is healthy with a strong hb! It was a quick pic this time. Between my new OB and my Peri, I'm getting an u/s every appointment so far!

I am now truly letting go of my worrying... After two losses, this is really happening...and I am thrilled! :party:

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great news!!! Yahoo

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WOOHOO! congratulations - I wish you continued luck and peace of mind!:bigarmhug:

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Great news! Good appointment! I know how you feel about the relief thing once seeing your baby. I was so relieved that I nearly cried. I'm glad you have peace of mind too!

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great news! I have a n NT scan/ u/s next Thursday. If all goes well, I think I will finally relax after my loss in October.

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Tamara what wonderful news! Congrats!!!!

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Glad everything is going well!