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appt yesterdat

Had my first mid wife appt yesterday..lasted forever it seemed like. I had the 3rd degree and answered tons of questions, my doc office started using laptops for office visits so it took a little longer... we got to year the heart beat.. and got a pap done . Oh joy!!! And we did the whole blood pressure check etc..then I had to get my bloodwork done..geez I swear they took like ten tubes of blood luckily the lab is in the same.building as my doc office so that wasn't far to go...oh and I peed in a cup as well....was a long drawn out thing but next month my appt should go fast!! Next appt June 7

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Don't you love it when they take half of your blood! Glad you had a good appt!

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Sounds like a good appt Smile Hooray for hearing the heartbeat

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I bet it was all worth it to hear that little beating heart. Great news!!