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Attention Experienced Mamas!

Question for all of you with previous pregnancy experience! In your experience, did your female babies have higher heart rates than sons? I know this has basically been refuted by the scientific community, but I've heard even some medical professionals express a belief in the old wives tale!

Also, in general -- did the old wives tales indicate the correct gender for you? Were you sicker with girls? Any other "tell tale" signs?

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I had no idea what I was having in all of my pregnancies until the 20 week scan. I was equally sick with my boys as with girls. I had sweet cravings with boys as well as with girls...( I like sweets Wink ) ... I also always "carry" the same.
As far as HB, I didn't pay attention to the speed of it and gender, so I am not reliable specimen for that...
So what I'm saying is, in my case, there was no pattern to the symptoms vs gender thing...

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My DDs heart rate was always higher(like 150's) while my DSs was always lower (130's). I was sick with DD like clockwork, from about 6 weeks until 10 weeks. Every morning. It sucked. Lol. With DS, I didn't throw up once. Never even felt nauseas.

Now, labour was fairly similar. I threw up with both, had to have some Gravol. Both progressed quite quickly. I asked for more medication with DS, but it didn't really matter because the end part with him went way quicker, the medication didn't kick in anyways.

I never did the wedding band on a string thing, partly 'cause with DS I wasn't married :o so I can't testify as to whether that works.

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I'm curious about this too. My LO's HR is 160 and I've had dreams that its a girl and I feel like its a girl. We will see in 16 days!

I'd like to hear from some other BTDT mamas!

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With DS, his HB was usually around the 140 mark. I craved fruit. My ms was only bad for a couple of weeks, every morning I would throw up and be fine the rest of the day. I carried low with him also.

This pregnancy I have craved carbs (pasta, potatoes etc), I haven't thrown up but I've had all day nausea. LO's HB has been high 140's and 150's.

I guess we will see when I have the gender scan.

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every single old wives tale test pointed to girl for me. i was an UGLY pregnant person. the chinese gender chart thingy said girl. the only thing that pointed to boy was the fact that i didn't have morning sickness. and i had a boy! i thought for sure it was going to be a girl.

this pregnancy i have felt a little more queasy but really not too bad. so who knows.

and the heartbeat? pointed to girl as well. i think all these tests are phooey! still, it's fun to see what all the signs say! Smile

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All of my kids had heartrates above 150.I carried the same with all my pregnancys and had similar cravings with each.I had totally clear skin with all 3 of them and basically all the things there are old wives tales about all 3 of my kiddos were the same.The chinese lunar chart was right with all 3 of my kids though.This time it says boy which is what I was feeling but I am still holding out hope for a girl.I have my gender prediction ultrasound on June 5th!!! I cant wait to see.

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With my last PG it was boy/girl twins. I thought they were both girls since they both had high h/b until the end - they h/b were always 160 - 165. And they say you are sicker with twins - well I was sick but not as sick as I am this time with one. So I am not sure that I believe alot of that. Who knows????

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Jack's hb was always above 150. I wasn't really sick-I think I threw up once, maybe twice? Had nausea, but that's it. I was all belly and boobs, in addition to my flab. This time, its pretty similar. We're not going to find out at the 20 week u/s so I guess we'll find out the gender at birth. (Honestly, it would be easier for me if we had a boy, because I've got all boy clothing!!!) As long as baby is healthy, I'll be happy.