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Attn: BTDT Moms!

I'm a little curious how you ladies got your figures back after birth!

Anyone used any belly wraps/postpartum girdles or hip wraps after prior babies? Is anyone planning on using them or have brand recommendations?

Lurkers, please chime in!

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After my first c/s my hospital gave me one to hold things together. After like a day or two home it wouldn't fit me anymore because the swelling had gone down so much. I have read good and bad about those things. Like they do more harm than good, not just that they don't work

My recovery after my first was so miserable, it took 6 months, then also I had an int. move and all the packing and unpacking and remodeling/renovating, by the time all that was finished, I was preggo with #2.

After I had #2, I was in the hospital literally once a week with my gall bladder, until I had it taken out. Baby was 7 or 8 months old at that time. Once that was healed, I was at the gym everyday for 3 hours/day.

Throughout all that I tried to eat healthy because I knew I was unable to workout. I constantly lost weight.

After my 2nd I did a 6wks post partem exercise course. It is only for when who just gave birth to get their body back and to help repair muscles in the pelvic girdle which may have been strecthed during pregnancy and birth.

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don't waste your money! when the baby comes you'll have your hands full and getting that figure back won't enter your mind (at least for a little!).

wrapping or corseting in my opinion doesn't work. you will already be uncomfortable after giving birth, you don't need to add something else to that mix.

i bf'd which for many really helps with weight loss for most moms. me? nope. my body clung to the weight until i finally stopped at 20 months. but i got back to walking and then started running again.

i'm worrying about the weight thing already as i've gained 21 lbs already Sad i've been consistently run/walking (more walking these days) at least 4 or 5 miles almost every day. and yet the weight still comes on each day. i hope that remaining in shape will help the weight come off and will help with recovery as well.

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No wraps or anything. I had a little spreadsheet, weighed myself every Friday and tracked my weight. I ate healthy, walked (until I felt up for jogging), and BF. I was one of the lucky ones who dropped weight like CRAZY BF'ing. I've never been so hungry in my life and as long as I ate enough I lost weight. If I restricted my calories too much I would actually hold on to weight. So I kept it healthy but I ate a lot and voila lost weight. I came home from the hospital 170 pounds +35-40 from my normal weight. That was in December. By March I was back down to 140 and actually due to BF'ing I got down to 130 with out even trying by April/May. I'm worried it will be harder this time I'm gaining weight just as fast but it will be what it will be! The hardest part for me is like right now my hips/pelvis hurt so much I find it hard to do more than walk so I'll be really freaking out of shape by the time baby arrives. ugh

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I was a big girl before, and s big girl after. That said, I gained 35 pounds or so and lost fifty within two and a half months. For the first month I litterally dropped s pound a day! I credit bfing, however even when I stopped the weight stayed off! This time I've gained between four and six pounds, and hoping to limit it to 20. If I drop another fifty I'll be dkinny lol!

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Work. Smile

Seriously, it actually starts before the baby is born by not gaining too much and I'm toning what I can now. Sometimes though the body just gains even when doing everything right and you just have to roll with it. After the birth I watch what I eat, healthy, but a specific plan for a breastfeeding mother. Then I start walking. After I get the okay I start my exercise program again. My joints are still loose from the hormones and birth, so I have to work slowly on up. I work my abs hard though. Really hard. 30 min a day, at least 3 times a week. At least. I have to jumpstart my metabolism through cardiobursts. I have a workout video and I hit the gym as well for this. Last is toning and a whole lot of it. Muscle burns fat and it's tough toning, the type where you are really sore the next day, just to work another body part. This goes on for 3 to 6 months until the baby weight is off, but then extra toning is still needed in which I step up the program either with a trainer or p90x. Total length of time to see my old body back, 9 months. Is it worth it? You bet!!

I've done it four times and this is going to be my fifth and last. I'm pretty motivated to finish this off once and for all..cuz it's work. You will hit flat points where you won't lose anymore weight until you do more cardiobursts. I'm not's work.


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It's totally different for everyone, I'm sure.

Before having DD I was about 125 pounds. After she was born, I was back down to 130 lbs after about 12 weeks PP. I didn't do anything special, other than nurse! Some women just drop all the weight while nursing. I did have the "belly jelly" added in front, and bigger, chunkier hips than I used to, but mostly I was back to the same size. I never dropped below 130 lbs though. (Which was fine with me, since I weighed 125 lbs as a teenager, and I'm not a teenager anymore! I had DD when I was 22.)

DS was born when DD was 18 months. I got ENORMOUS with him (some of you may remember a picture I posted earlier) so my belly was a HUGE mess of flab after he was born - so much stretched skin that needed to settle back in! I only nursed DS for 3 weeks, and it took me around 4 months to get back down to 135 lbs (looks like I have a common theme of adding 5 lbs per baby!)

I never used a girdle, but I do continue to wear my maternity pants for about 3 months post partum (the ones with the full panel). At the beginning they hold in all the extra belly jelly and give you some security. By the time I switch back to regular pants around 4 months later, my belly has usually shrunk fairly nicely.

This time I know I will have to work harder at losing the weight and the belly. I'm getting older and 3rd baby weight will be harder to lose! I did a half marathon last summer, so I'd like to do another one in 2012 sometime, so that will help. My goal is to get back down to 130-135 lbs. I'll definitely need to exercise more, and start eating better.

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Figure what figure.... lol

After Kay my plan was to start working out to get in shape for my wedding come June 2012, I started my work out videos and then literally the day after I got a cold so I decided to take a break as to not run my self down as I had a baby I was nursing and taking care of. After I was done being sick I got the "Stomach flu". After a week of that Rob made me take a pregnancy test and here we are 23 weeks pregnant. So I didn't have time to do anything. I got pregnant at 2 or 2.5 months and found out at 10 weeks so there was very little time in between.

This time how ever I will be NOT getting pregnant. Come January 1st I will be working out with my workout videos which kick my ***. lol. I need to not be looking fat for my wedding. lol. Lets hope it works.

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After DS1 I did a lot of walking and lost it all that way. After DS2 I didn't have as much time to exercise but I still lost it all just from breastfeeding. Unfortunately I had gotten into the habit of eating more food while breastfeeding, so after I stopped I gained 10 lbs. back.
I had just joined a gym and was starting to get back into exercising when I got pg this time.

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I would completely recommend a wrap for after baby, but that's just me.

I'll be having a c/s but they really helped last time. I had an extensive tummy surgery on 2007 and my doctor recommended a wrap after ward for swelling but also to help with 'keeping things together' cause sometimes you can feel things aren't. Wink

I have read from other mommies that a wrap helped immensely with afterbirth pains. The compression was just very helpful.

Needless to say I will be using a wrap after this c/s. Also, it doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, it can be a large ace bandage.

ETA: I didnt use the wrap for figure purposes, that takes time. I usually swell horribly afterward but I will say I am not one who loses weight easily after baby, even with BFing.

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BF definitely helps get the process going, as it will make your uterus contract back to it's normal size sooner. For me I never used any of those items, I just went on the low carb diet and lost it all in a matter of a few months!

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I left the hospital 19 lbs lighter, that was a good start Wink only 7lbs 11oz of that was DD. I gained way too much weight with DD, I can't remember how much exactly but I'm sure 40 or more. I'm also one of the lucky ones who nursed off the weight. I remember having lost another 5 lbs just 1 week later. It was so wonderful having my little portable liposuction machine Biggrin she just liked the best and only wanted the cream, lol. However, I should have been better at diet and exercise after that!

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One word... breastfeeding. haha. But seriously! I got down to even less than what I started before I got pregnant. I have never been so hungry in my life. This time around I plan to work out on top of it so I can build up my muscle tone while I lose weight.

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I didn't do ANYTHING after DD was born for months and months and I didn't nurse. The weight slowly came off. I started walking when DD was about a year old and that helped some. When she was 14 months old, DH deployed to Iraq and the stress of him being deployed plus being a single parent (ALWAYS on the run having to do everything with no help) tipped the scales for me.

My pre-pregnancy weight was 140 lbs. When DD was born I was about 190 lbs. 12 mths PP I was probably 160 or so. Between 14 and 18 mths PP I was down to 125 lbs. (Gained back up to 140 after DH came home :roll eyes:)

This go around I plan on not worrying about it AT ALL until after the holidays. I will go out and walk when the weather is nice but no scheduled workout or eating plan. In January (I'll be about 12 wks PP) I'm planning on starting the Weight Watchers for Breastfeeding Moms eating plan and I'm going to start a yoga and Zumba class at the gym on post. I'm definitely going to be MUCH more proactive about getting the weight off this time.

ETA- planning on breastfeeding this go around too, so hopefully that'll help Smile

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I had a csection so they wrapped me in the hospital. However, for some reason it never stayed in place. I wish it would have because it felt so much better to have something tight around my abdomin.

I lost my weight by using I had been banking on losing all my weight by BFing but I didn't lose any that way. So i joined that site, counted my calories and did Zumba 1- 2 times a week and walked at lunch.