Aubrey Kicking - Video

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Aubrey Kicking - Video

Thought I'd post a quick video here from last night. DS is singing in the background.

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CUTE! I love how you can see a tangible right slant on your belly! And Taine's singing is adorable.

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Love it. Every time I try to record her she quits moving. I need a camera at 4am in bed when I am trying to sleep.

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Wow, that is one active baby! She is going to keep you busy in the future.

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Soooo cool!!!

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Love it!

I have tried recording my belly too but every time I turn on the camera he stops moving! :rolleyes: Little bugger.

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This is so cute! I almost recorded the same thing the other day... but my belly is not so pretty after 4 babies being in there lol!