Baby Alex Birth Story and Tubal

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Baby Alex Birth Story and Tubal

Monday morning, I woke up at 3 a.m. with an unbelieveable yet familiar pain that I'd often get in the middle of the night during this pregnancy. We don't know caused it, probably pulled liagments, but I remember this particular morning, I knew in my heart that he was on his way. It only took a moment though for me to push this thought out of my mind and to think about my day. That morning I had a normal prenatal appointment where we scheduled my induction for a week away. I felt at peace with this and thought about everything I needed to accomplish this week. That being said, my doctor pointed otu during my appointment that I was contracting on a regular basis and I was 2 cm dialated when she saw me. She warned me that he may come sooner, like that day..yet I shook my head and'll stall out like it always does. I smiled and left.

I decided it was a great day though to put together the nursery and do my nesting. So I went home and did just that. The only noticeable thing was, I was still really contracting on a regular basis, like they didn't let up. Around 4 p.m. I was on my way to go grocery shopping when the thought hit me as a stronger contraction came over me at a red light...These contractions are picking up. So I called my doctor to give her a simple heads up..but still thinking they'd probably just stall out at night. My doctor however asked me to come in right away. I did. She checked me again and announced, we are having a baby! I was confused and said, what? I was 3 1/2 cms now and my cervix was changing from all these contractions. She wanted me to head to the hospital.

Everything was a whirl wind at this point as my parents and my husbands parents were racing both across country to be there for the birth. We were also not ready as we were gathering up the kids and trying to get everyone to family's house to watch them. Not to mention the puppies, no grocery shopping was done, the house wasn't ready, etc. I wasn't mentally ready either..not at all.

We got to the hospital and my doula was already waiting for us. They were getting my room ready (no triage) and nausea hit me. Contractions were picking up more and yet it all seemed surreal. We got to the room and my doctor came in, I was 4 1/2 cm. I labored at 4 1/2 cm for a long time, hours. So I told my doctor, go ahead and break my water, I wanted to get this show on the road. Yet the opposite happened. They stopped! LOL. I took a nap. The baby's heartrate also became concerned. We put in an internal monitor and let things slow down for a bit. I took a nap.

Around 3 a.m. my doctor and I decided to start pitocin. I knew how fast my labors went on it and mentally I didn't want to go through this. I was tired and hated contractions..I felt blah...yet there's only one way to go through it..and that's straight ahead. So we started the pitocin and off things went. The pain was unreal and the reality was, it was doing it's job. I asked them to check me, and I went from 4 1/2 cm to 7 1/2 cm. The very next contraction was excrutiating. I could feel the baby move down and things open and I began to shake. I asked for the epidural..immediately. I was miserable and I thought that if I needed it for my tubal right afterwards..who cares, let's just get it. (Had my previous births all natural). While the doctor was putting in the epidural I yelled out, I'm having a baby! I felt this urge to push. They kept telling me not to but it wasn't realistic. The doctor finished up quickly yet the epidural didn't do anything. I was in some serious pain. I looked up and saw my doctor, she checked and me told me what I already knew, I was at 10. I started pushing and just literally one min later my little Alex was born. It was such a blur I didn't even know what was happening. I saw him for a moment before they whisked him off and I delivered the placenta. My doctor repaired me really well, a 2nd degree, and I processed the fact that it was all over. I was so relieved.

Shortly after they concluded that the placenta was out and my bleeding was okay, I was moved to my room. I wasn' tallowed to eat or drink anything as we prepared for my tubal. The baby learned to nurse and I slept when I could. Before long I was on my way to the OR. There I learned my epidural wasn't in right and it answered why it didn't work, plus it didn't have time to. It took them a long long time to get me numb and i had a reaction to the medicine. The tubal was hard, not in the surgery itself but the medicine used during it. I was in a LOT of pain immediately afterwards adn just shook and barely able to talk. I felt aweful. After some medicine though, sleep, and eventually a shower, I began to feel more normal, each hour at a time. My milk came in which the baby is happy about and although it's been a very hard delivery and surgery, I'm pleased with how fast I'm healing. No pain for the 2nd degree tear. It's now managable.

Sorry if it seems messy this birth story but I'm pretty tired Smile I guess the one thing I can'thelp but advise mentaly ready. it helps for a better experience.

Heres a picture of my little Alex:

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Awww he is just gorgeous! Bet he smells delicious too Smile

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Aww! He's so cute! Congratulations!

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Heis so adorable-lots of hair:D

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What a gorgeous little boy! Congratulations!

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Awww baby is absolutely beautiful!! Your birth story was perfect! Sorry it didn't go exactly as expected... but that little angel makes it all worth it! Congrats!!

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