Baby Devin - Birth Story and Pics (VERY LONG)

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Baby Devin - Birth Story and Pics (VERY LONG)

Hi Ladies! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was wonderful with new addition of Devin. I have been typing up my birth story for two days now..LOL! It's wonderful having a newborn in the house.

Here is Devin's birth story. It's very long! Pics below...

11/19 – After a failed attempt to jumpstart my labor the day before (Dr. stripped my membranes and “tried” to break my water….) and having annoying, inconsistent pressure waves all day, I was instructed to go to the hospital at 10 AM to have my water broken. I was truly excited because an end was near. My back was killing me due to the hit and run accident the week before and I was just ready to have baby Devin in my arms and allow my body to heal.

My husband, oldest son, son #3, and friend, Lynda showed up at the hospital at the same time. It took time to find parking and get settled in to the LDR room. Finally, at 12:00, Dr. Ghozland (Dr. G) came in to break my water and get the show on the road! Dr. G said I was “approaching” 5 cm!

There was no doubt he truly broke my water! That familiar never ending warmth/wetness was undeniable! No turning back now! While waiting for pressure waves to begin, I set up my computer to stream from my room live over the internet for my family at home and a few friends. Once I started to feel the first real pressure wave (about 15 to 20 minutes later), I turned my attention towards getting into my Hypnobabies hypnosis mp3 tracks. I put in my ear buds and focused…

I was put on the monitor for about 30 minutes to make sure baby was tolerating the pressure waves. His heartbeat was strong and steady and accelerated at just the right moments. I was given the o.k. to get up and labor as I wished. I was ready to walk the halls, so my 12-year-old son, Jovan joined me and he gave me a tour of L&D . He was so sweet, showing me where the refreshment room was and talking with me while we walked. He knew when a pressure wave was coming and he would ask me if I felt alright. His concern was comforting..

We walked for around 40 minutes and I could tolerate the pressure waves. They were strong but not too intense and I could talk and joke through them. We returned to the room where I was connected to the monitor again. At the end of that round of monitoring, my doula, Allegra arrived, and we proceeded to walk the halls and also sit on the birthing ball and work with my pressure waves as they came. Allegra used pressure points on my inner ankles and also a pressure point between my thumb and forefinger on each hand. She would alternate applying pressure to these points. I noticed a definite shift in intensity of the pressure waves when she did this. I was starting to feel like things were finally progressing. I would rock and quietly moan through them. Between contractions, though, I was still chatty and paying a lot of attention to my family (always in “mommy” mode”) and the technology (streaming broadcast) in the room. My doula became concerned that my attention was not fully focused on my pressure waves and the whole birthing time in general.

At this point, I was checked again and was told that I was still at 5cm. Not much change in station. Allegra suggested I refocus my energy entirely on birthing. My husband and my two boys left to play cards in the waiting room to allow Allegra and I the space to concentrate on this birthing time. No cell phones, no computers….just me and my pressure waves. We start to walk the halls as I listen to my birthing day affirmations through my ear buds. Now, we’re getting somewhere! As we walk the halls, I stop when a pressure wave starts, put my forhead against the wall and relax my whole body as the pressure wave hit…they are getting more intense. I am moaning a lot more..I am not chatty in between pressure waves. I am totally feeling progress but…

The next time I am checked a couple hours later (by a new nurse due to the shift change), I was told that I was not truly a 5 but a 4. Four? How could I have gone from a 5 cm to 4cm? Meanwhile, my pressure waves are getting more intense and more frequent. I am working harder to focus through them. Hypnobabies is still working for me, though. After this news, my first experience of frustration hits and I start to cry. Now, the doctor (Dr. Stancz, Dr.G’s partner has taken over now) says (through my nurse) that she wants to augment my labor with Pitocin. I am against this at this point and I ask for more time to continue to walk and labor as I have been. If after an hour or so, I still have not progressed, I will consider the Pitocin offer. Doctor agreed. I am monitored once again and baby’s heartbeat is steady but not fluctuating like they like to see. Doc wants to give me a half bag of glucose water via IV to get the baby more active. Since the baby’s heartbeat has been strong throughout, and has never decelerated, my gut tells me he is asleep and not in any danger. I refuse the IV fluid offer and counter with the desire to eat or drink something to get him active. Turns out I didn’t need to do either one because baby’s heartbeat fluctuates during the monitoring and it became a non issue.

Now, the pressure waves are starting to become much much harder to tolerate. I am moaning louder through them and appreciating the rest in between. A couple more hours of this and I am checked again…only to be told there is no change. Now…I have hit “the wall”. It is now going on 12 or 14 hours and the last 5 hours were extremely intense! To hear that I have not progressed has frustrated me. Why am I doing this unmedicated if I am not progressing? I am exhausted and I am considering getting the epidural. I ask the nurse to leave so I can talk to Allegra. I am almost bawling…I explain to her that this is the point…the wall I knew I would hit. I don’t want to give up on a natural childbirth but I don’t know how much more I can take! Allegra was encouraging..told me I could do this. She also said that this baby needs to be born and that it is not giving up if I decide to get the epi. I am thinking of Lynda, my producer friend. I start to cry harder. I’m starting to feel like a quitter.

My husband and two boys are watching the live feed from the waiting room on my son’s computer. When my husband saw how upset I was getting, he came into the room to talk to me alone. Allegra left the room and Byron and I talked. He told me to follow my gut. That I have been laboring unmedicated for quite a long time and I have done an excellent job. I have nothing to prove. He love me and let’s get baby here safe. I am so grateful to my husband for that talk! It was the turning point in my birthing experience. I call Allegra back into the room and tell her I am going to get the pit and epi. It’s time to have a baby!
Once I made that decision, everything became a blur. I got the epidural and was able to rest for the first time in 16 hours! Allegra and Lynda both decided to go home to sleep for a couple of hours (they both live close to the hospital) and would come back refreshed when it was time for me to push.

11/20 –
At 7 AM, Dr. Stancz arrives and wants to check me. I was able to sleep for a couple of hours. When I am checked, I am told I am fully dilated! Dr. asks if I want to try to push. I almost scream NO! LOL! We need to call Allegra and Lynda! I am not feeling the urge to push, so doctor leaves me until I am ready.

Allegra and Lynda both arrive in time! I ask for the squat bar and the mirror and the nurses set up everything. Lights are dim and activity is flowing in the room now. I am feeling nauseated and, sure enough, I threw up. The force of vomiting brings the baby down a little. Now, I feel him descending. The epi is not working…I feel everything! I go back to my Hypnobabies training to focus through the pressure waves.

I put my legs up on both sides of the squat bar and ask for the mirror to be put in place. As soon as this happens, I see baby’s head start to crown, then I feel it. As the next pressure wave begins, I see..and feel baby’s head crown, then emerge. Lots of hair! (Thus the reason for my heartburn during third trimester). At 8:50 AM, with the next contraction, I reach down as the doctor lifts the baby from my body and pull him on to my chest. He’s here! He has a healthy cry!

I request the cord not be cut until it stops pulsating and doctor agrees. Every once in a while, I feel the cord to see if it is still pulsating. I appreciate this moment…still being connected to baby while bonding skin to skin. While waiting for the cord, doctor repairs a “minor laceration” with one stitch. I am focused on this new baby on my chest so the stitch doesn’t hurt a bit.

About 20 minutes later, cord stops pulsating and my husband cuts the cord. We are still bonding skin to skin when I deliver the placenta. Allegra and I remind the nurses that I want to keep my placenta (for encapsulation) and they pepare it for Allegra to take home.
We bond skin to skin for over an hour before they weigh him. 7lbs 6oz, 20 inches long! Apgars were 9 and 9.

All in all, I am happy and satisfied with my birthing experience. It was a middle ground between unmedicated (for 18 hours) and medicated (finally getting the epi) labor. Devin Byron J. is a sweet baby! He doesn’t really fuss unless he has a dirty diaper. Breastfeeding is going very well! My milk came in day 2 and he is eating every 2 to 3 hours. What a journey! My fifth and final birth experience!

Here are some pics…

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What a beautiful story!! Made me tear up. Congrats on your baby boy Smile

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Thanks for sharing your incredible story! You are such a trooper being in labor that long. Devin is a beautiful baby and you look so happy in that picture. Biggrin

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I saw the birth! It was so neat! Thank you for letting me be a part of that special moment.

He is precious and I must say awfully handsome for a newborn!! Love those full chubby cheeks!!!

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An amazing story and I agree he is one beautiful newborn! Congrats mama!

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He's beautiful and I'm so proud of you momma! You did a great job despite things not going as you had wanted. He's healthy and you look fantastic!

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You look so wonderful and happy Tamara! Thanks for sharing!

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so adorable!

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Congrats Tamara Wink You have a great perspective on having to have an epidural. Although I've always prefered the idea of an unmedicated birth the epidural definately has its place. I asked for one both times but by then it was time to push and I wasn't waiting for anything. You had a long labour with no progression which has to be very frustrating.

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Gorgeous! Both of you! You did great through that long labour and stall, so unexpected with baby 5. Can;t believe they told you 'not 5 but 4' thats something they could have omitted - those dummies Wink