Baby Devin is Here!

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Baby Devin is Here!

Thanks so much to my birth buddy, Starryblue702/Krystal for updating everyone on my labor and delivery!

Devin Byron J. was born this morning at 8:50 AM after 21 hours of labor! I wanted to do it all naturale but after 18 hours of intense....I mean intense pressure waves and no progress (I was stuck at 5 cm the whole time!) I finally decided to get the epi.

He is 7lbs 6oz, 20 inches long. He is breastfeeding like a pro! He doesn't cry (except for when he was born...that's it so far). After that hit and run accident last week..and he came out of it just fine, I knew he would be an easy going baby. So far so good!

I will have a more complete birth story with pics up in the next few days. Also, if you missed the live video of the birth, I will post short clips of the highlights soon!

Time to rest! It's been a long, long journey!


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Phew I was thinking you'd been in labour awhile! Congratulations and get some rest Smile

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I'm so glad he's here safe and sound. Can't wait for pictures videos birth story but take your time and rest.

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Congratulations and welcome to the world, Devin! I saw his pictures on Facebook. What a cutie!

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Congrats......I'm glad everything is well after ur accident.....

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congrats to you! i watched that baby come out! it was so awesome! thank you for letting me share in your excitement. i felt very honored to be able to see it. it was really a sweet moment. is your back feeling? i hope you're resting as much as possible (you know, as much as you can after having a baby!).

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It was my pleasure Tamara! I'm so totally excited for you and your family on the arrival of baby Devin! And don't worry about the epi... you were a champ during that entire process and deserved a break! Can't wait to see more pics of your little prince!

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I am so happy for you!!! Can't wait to see pics. Good job mama..that is a long labour!