Baby here ;}

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Baby here ;}

I am popping in briefly to announce that baby Nico was born Sat am at 10:56 am, after emergency induction and dramatic birth...will give more details later:D

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Congradulations! Can't wait to read the story!

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Omigosh! Congratulations!
Welcome to the World little Nico!

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Hope you are well, and can't wait to hear details!

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congrats!! (and i love the spelling!)

oh no...dramatic birth? oh boy....

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Congrats! I am glad baby is here and safe. And uh oh to the dramatic birth!

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Congrats! I'm nervous to hear what happened but also can't wait.

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Yay! Congrats to you and WTTW baby Nico!! I can't wait to read the birth story...

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congrats! I am so curious. get rested.