Baby Story???

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Baby Story???

Anyone watching? I started recording some shows and am watching them. It is amazing to me how different delivery is for everyone. I cry each time the baby is delivered.

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When I have the time I like to watch those baby shows on TLC also. You are right it is crazy how different labor is for everyone. I feel much more at ease already been through it once to watch those shows. I did watch them with my son and some of them scared me.

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I love A Baby Story Biggrin

Unfortunately, we have no TV channels....LOL, like, none. I watch all my tv shows on the internet. But I used to love watching TLC baby stuff when I was pregnant before!

A friend from my July 2007 BB was on A Baby Story!

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I was in the hospital for the two weeks leading up to Robbie being born. Every time the hospital OB would check me in the morning I would be watching _A Baby Story_.... I would take out my earplugs and he would say "again?" and shake his head. I am thinking he did not like the show.

Sandra - that is cool that your BB-mate was on the show.

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I dont watch it much.I used to when pregnant with my other 3 kiddos though.I had been watching a show called one born every minute.It was taped at a local hospital here and was more real to life.Shows what goes on during labor ( dads being bored and annoying,moms fears that kind of stuff) I am sad there are no more episodes.I loved it.

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I'm wishy-washy with that show. I hate watching it when I'm not pregnant, but all of a sudden when I'm with child again I just have to see them when they're on... I haven't caught it on with this baby, I don't have much time for TV!