On Baby Watch!! XP

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On Baby Watch!! XP

Yesterday I had my 38 week visit with my Peri. Everything is going well. Fluid level is great and baby Devin is just happy as a clam in there! Doc informed me that due to my asthma issues ( My asthma kicks up every November. I missed two Thanksgivings in a row due to being hospitilized for asthma attacks.) if I don't deliver by 11/18, he wants to induce on 11/19.

Luckily, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to try to encourage labor! DH and I are going to Caioti's restaurant in Studio City tomorrow. They have a salad that is famous for putting women into labor for the last 20 years! I had the salad in 1999 and my water broke 4 hours after eating it. Baby #3 was born 4 hours after that. So I'm going to try it again tomorrow! Supposed to go into labor within 24 hours...so if it works, I just may have my 11/11/11 baby! LOL!

DH and I are DTD a lot! It's a bit awkward with my big ol belly...but fun! Next on the list is using my breast pump for nipple stimulation. Also, lots of walking....lots and lots of walking!

Last on the list is the castor oil.... I did this with #4 and, yes, it worked but it was not pretty! Luckily, I was all cleaned out by the time I delivered so, no accidents! And baby came out perfect...but I didn't like the experience.

So, we're on baby watch! Anytime between this weekend and next Sat...baby Devin will be here! So excited!

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Hope the salad works for you!!! I am going to go try it in a few weeks. Thanks for the info!!! I live in the Valley area too. Good luck! 11/11/11 woohoo

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Good luck! You've got the full moon on your side too!

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Good luck and have fun! Wink

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Looking forward to your text Tamara!!! DH and I have been DTD as well... a bit uncomfortable but we make it work... and it's awesome LMAO! Good luck with you salad again!