Back labour

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Back labour

I didn't have any cramping or back labor with dd so I font know what it feels like. Right now I feel like I have been clenching my bumcheeks for the last one hundred days. Is this back labor or just a weird achy thing? It started at Canadian tore when I was buying paint and I almost cried out! I'm imbed right now trying not to move and it's a lot better but as soon as I stand up it hurts. Seems pretty low to be labor but I have no idea.

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Hmm, not cool. Back labour can be pretty low though.

I've been having terrible back pain occasionally, but it's much higher.

Drink lots of water, and stay in bed for a while. Hopefully it subsides Sad If it's disappearing when you lie down I think that's a good sign.

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Thanks! I have a couple of shows recorded that I'd like to watch I guess today's the day!

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For me, I had bad pain at my lowback and tail bone with pain going down my legs, it hurt to sit on the exercise ball, (so I did not), it was rather excruciating.
They say to do positions where you are on your hands and knees,etc, but I cannot remember all of the positions that will move baby to a more optimum position.
Hope you feel better soon!

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I had a simular feeling the day before I went into labor. I did not have back labor though, but I have read that lower back pain is a 'precurser' to labor.....

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I've also heard that it can be a sign of very early labor. Hope all is well! :bigarmhug:

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I had horrible back labor with my first baby, and I definitely didn't feel it in my buttcheeks lol! You'll know if it's real back labor, as it feels like you've been hit by a truck... in the back. He's hoping it's not that!!