Back from my trip!

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Back from my trip!

Well, I survived two weeks with my parents, but it wasnt easy!

I am still feeling sick all the time, but it is down to a manageable level with all the medications Ive been taking. Im only throwing up once a day instead of five or six times and Ive managed to put back on three pounds of the twenty Ive lost, which is great!

Im going for an ultrasound tomorrow, as I have seen four different doctors with my nausea and all of them said I am measuring big and that with all my symptoms, we have to rule out twins!:eek::eek:

We only saw one at the first ultrasound but apparently it was so early that there is a huge chance they missed the second one. I guess tomorrow with be the day!

My friend is due a week after me and she found out the sex of her baby yesterday so Im thinking it might happen for us too, although I dont really have any desire to know. (my dh does so well find out if possible). I feel a bit detached to this whole pregnancy so hopefully seeing a complete baby instead of a bean tomorrow will help me bond Smile

Ill kup tomorrow!!

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I bet you are glad to be back home. I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow.



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Welcome back! Glad you are feeling a little better and that you survived being with your parents for that long Smile Can't wait to hear about the ultrasound tomorrow. DH was pretty detached in case we m/c but once he saw the actual baby moving around it became so much more real to him. Let us know how it goes.

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Yayy-glad your trip went fairly well! I hope your nausea ends really soon, it's not fair for it to linger! Have fun seeing your litlle baby or babies on the U/S!!