Bad news.. m/c mentioned

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Bad news.. m/c mentioned

I am hoping and praying that I am the last one on this forum to post this.

Yesterday I started spotting enough to cause concern and went to the emergency room. They did blood work and urine analysis and decided the results were all normal and I didn't need an ultrasound. They did determine I had a uti and put me on antibiotics. They told me to follow up.

This morning I woke up still bleeding and a little red in with the brown. I was able to get an appointment this morning and the OB did an ultrasound. He didn't find a heartbeat and told me it looked like the baby had stopped growing. He said he was 99% I was losing the baby but we should wait a week and to make an appointment. DH picked me up and I have pretty much been bleeding ever since. Now it's like a period with some clotting. While I am glad this seems to be happening naturally, as opposed to needing a D&C... I am still feeling pretty sad.

Going to stay home from work tomorrow and DH is going to stay home as well.. in case I need to go to the hospital or whatever.

I am going to miss all you wonderful ladies and wish you all a HH9M. I'll pop in now and then to check on everyone.

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NOOOOO! Sad IDK if its the hormones or what but I'm absolutely crushed at this news! Sad I'm so sorry for your loss {{{Thoughts & Prayers}}}

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Oh no I am so so sorry :bigarmhug:

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Oh Honey, I am so very sorry! Big huge hugs!!

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i'm so sorry to hear this news. :bigarmhug:

when i had a m/c i also tried to do it naturally. i preferred that over the d&c but it was hard to know that it was going to take some time. hang in there, if you ever need to chat, i'm here. also, i found alot of solace over on the pregnancy and infant loss board.


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Thoughts and prayers are with you.

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I am so sorry. :bigarmhug:

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im so sorry for your loss.. November board has been crazy for miscarriages..Im hoping your ok :bighug:

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I too am so very sorry for you loss! ((hugs)) to you!

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I'm very sorry as well. Sending thoughts & prayers.

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I am so sorry for your loss.