Bare Belly!

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Bare Belly!

Okay here is my bare belly in all its huge glory! My belly button is almost flat. Do you see that purple-ish circle around my belly button? It is so weird. BTW that is my way ugly maternity bathing suit. Ew.

Carter has been moving and kicking around a lot. He likes to get in one spot and kick me in the ribs. That makes my right boob jump and looks so weird.

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OMG so freaking cute your belly looks great! The first thing I see is NO strech marks, no fair! I have the same purple spot but only on the top and my belly button looks like a check mark... My doc said it was normal and that its just the blood vessels under the skin. Does it hurt?

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Looking great Jenni!!!!

This is so funny because I was about to come on and post my bare belly too today! I'll get to that soon....

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Super cute belly Jen!! I see zero stretch marks, so jealous lol!! You look just beautiful!

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Lookin' good! Smile

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Adorable! Mine has no stretchmarks, but I have such pale skin you can see all my blue veins and it looks like some sort of roadmap, lol. Maybe the purple is veins.

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darn you and your lack of stretch marks! so jealous! what a nice looking baby belly!

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Christina, no it doesn't hurt...just looks weird!

And I do have stretch marks! I have a few on my hips from puberty and they stand out a little more now that I'm pregnant. You can't see them that well because they are so old and I lotion up every day but trust me they are there!

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you look great!!

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Beautiful belly!!! I have yet to have taken a bare belly pic...will have to do that soon.