beating the heat?

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beating the heat?

Its been hot here the last couple days-it was 80 by 7:30 this morning! I am a cool blooded gal, so I never handle the heat very well, especially when pregnant. How do you ladies beat the heat?

-I take one of those blue gel ice packs and place it on the back of my neck, or on the top of my head. DH thinks I am insane, but it helps!!!
-I drink loads of ice tea (unsweetened, real brewed), decaf now though.
-AC AC AC. Right now we only have the one in our room, but I think I'm going to make DH put the one in the living room this week.
-cool showers-sometimes twice a day.
-swimming in the lake at camp, its a cold lake, and oh so refreshing.

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It has been pretty hot here lately (today it poured down rain though). It has been 90+. I have to laugh a little when all my FB friends complain the ac is out, because here no one has ac. Most restaurants don't even have ac.

We stay cool the old fashioned way, sitting under a tree. The other day I did feel like I was on interview with a vampire when the lady and Kirsten Dunst are trying to hide in the shadow of the well.

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I'm just so glad that Las Vegas hasn't been having it's normal May weather! Normally we're in the 100's by now but we've been coasting in the 80's, it's been so nice! I'm sure now that we're in June the microwave temps will creep up, but until then I'm loving it!

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Down here in Tennessee we've been hitting 98-100... FREAKIN HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

It is so miserable. I stay inside all the time. And I freeze my co workers when I'm in my office. Dirol

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While you girls are sweating it out up there, I'm trying to beat the cold down here!

It's actually beginning to get really cold here, and none of my winter clothes are fitting me Sad

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Move to Alberta Canada. The wheather changes every 5 minutes and we do not have the heat that most of you do. And even if our summer is hot it is only two months

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OH and I almost forgot to add...we have these nasty cicadas out this year. These dreadful, loud, icky bugs come out every 14-17 years. (They stay in the ground the whole time)

So not only is it SO HOT but these bugs don't help! EW EW EW

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We are having a freakishly cold & rainy year. I still have the heat on at night! I am really sick of the rain but I guess I should be glad cause when it gets hot then the ants come in.

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It has been hot here too.I hadnt yet dug the window air conditioner out of my closet so had a few miserable nights trying to sleep with the temps in the 80s still when I went to bed.Yesterday was better.It was only 84 and not very humid and last night was 63 so I got a decent nights sleep.
To stay cool I try to stay inside but my 3 year old doesnt want to go for that. So I try to sit in the shade with an ice cold drink and a fan ( yes I take my fan outside lol) cool towel on my neck helps too.

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We're not having that problem up here either :(. Do you keep aloe-vera gel in the fridge?