Bed Rest!

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Bed Rest!

So after having contractions 5mins apart lasting for 30 seconds for the most part of yesterday, my midwife has put me on bedrest. Crap. I go to see the OB today, so I will see what she has to say, but considering I am only 35wks, they want baby to bake for at least another 2-3, and with packing up the house, its too much on me. Dh seems to think that the baby can come now, and that I can continue doing everything, but realistically, I can't! So now I have to figure out how to delegate everything as for packing/moving/cleaning/unpacking, and care for the kids.... I guess we'll just see what the OB has to say today, and go from there. I will do whatever it takes for baby to continue to bake and be healthy! But, crap! (as I type this with my feet up, my dh is currently taking dd to school, with ds tagging along!)

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Oh NO! Last THursday was like that for me. Contrax got as close as 3 min apart. But no dilation (well a fingertip, but that is not much!! LOL) Doc said to keep feet up and take it easy. I had an appt yesterday and I am still a fingertip. Hope you can keep baby in a bit longer!!!

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Aw MAN! That stinks about the bedrest. DH will have to step up, you need to keep baking another little while. Make those calls to anyone who asked you 'what can I do to help?' and try to rest. Good luck at the OB's today and KUP!

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Ah no!

Julie, get some help!!!! I hope everything works out....

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Oh no! Yes get help- call your friends and family with specific things that they could help with (cooked frozen meals, driving kids to school, etc....) A lot of us moms stick together, we now how it is!

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I'm sorry you're on bed rest, but it's probably due to all of your moving/packing/unpacking that you've got going on right now! I hope your appt goes well, just remember to take it easy!

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What did the OB say?