Been MIA - Update!

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Been MIA - Update!

Hey ladies Biggrin

I've been MIA for the past week or so and I wanted to catch up! At first the days were so hot here that I could hardly bear to sit in my sweltering bedroom and get on the computer, and now I'm back from spending 3 days at my IL's house at the lake (airconditioned!) Thankfully the kids and I came home to cool weather, so the house is bearable again.

Today is my glucose test (blech!) and I have a Dr's appt next Thursday at 24 weeks. Things are going fairly well for me, but I'm starting to get mighty uncomfortable already. My ribs on my right side are constantly aching! I'm not sure why it's my right side only, but it's like that every pregnancy.

I had my first baby related dream last night! I've had some wonky dreams with this pregnancy, but nothing to do with being pregnant or having the baby (just rather odd, detailed, weird dreams about random things!). Last night I dreamt I had the baby 4 weeks early :eek: But everything went so smoothly, we were out of the hospital the next day and I wasn't sore at all! (That would be nice Smile ) In my dream, we still hadn't named the baby yet......too bad, I wanted to see what "dream" Sandra would have picked! And it was still a boy LOL.

My allergies are seriously giving me hell this summer. I just have the regular seasonal allergies - hayfever, etc. but I am just dying this year! I plan to ask my doc, but do any of you know if any antihistamines are safe to take while pregnant? I am being kept up at night by my itchy throat, runny nose, and sneezing fits (we're talking over 20 sneezes in a row!) My nose is so red because I am constantly rubbing it all day because it is so itchy!!!!!

Hope you ladies are doing well! Time to catch up on posts!

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Glad u were able to chill out from the heatwave. 16 this morning & today is supposed to be 22 and the nicest day we've had for AGES. Yesterday was cloudy but then we did get some sun in the late afternoon. We went to an oceanside park walking 6-7kms there and back - most excercise I've had in SO long. I pulled my shirt up off my belly on the way back, lol, I was using my personal large-surface-area-cooling-system, but still it was probably only about 21 or so. Might be beach day today, my bro & family are visiting. Hope your Glucose test goes well. What is up with your ribs? I remember DD used to put in her feet on my right ribs & push, little minx. After all the walking yesterday my hips were sore especially my left.
I had my first baby dream the other night too- that I had 'our baby boy' in my arms. He looked about 3-4 months old already but still didn't have a name, lol. Which is just weird cause we totally have had baby boy name picked for like 10 years!
Hope you get some relief from your allergies somehow soon.

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We are having the nastiest heat wave ever!! It got up to 46 with the humidity yesterday and the last week has consistently been in the 40s. Bring on the Fall!!

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Sorry you were having unbearable heat, send some my way. We have been getting nothing but rain lately. It's sunny today but I see some clouds in the distance.

Glucose test is yucky. I am opting out of that this time. I have never had a problem so my doctor isn't to concerned Smile Hope yours goes smoothly.
Don't you just love dreams when you are pregnant. Craziness is what it brings. lol.

I hope your doctor can give you something for the allergies, I can't imagine going through the summer like that. Hope you get some relief soon.

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Hey Sandra!! WooHoo for the beautiful lake house rescue! It was so hot here, we promptly installed the window airconditioners and I parked myself in front of one Wink
Glad the weather got better for you!

I am sorry that you are having the pain under the ribs already- it's so annoying b/c there is little you can do to make it go away. Ugh.
You know your dream is actually kind of nice, Sebastian was born 4 weeks early and it was super easy to push him, plus he was perfectly healthy too. I was forever grateful for skipping out on the last month of pregnancy too. Not that I would wish upon us to have premies, but YKWIM.

Names? Any luck with that? We had to scrap Oliver, Sad back to the drawing board...

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glad you were able to beat the heat a bit! I'm so glad we have central air Smile It's a definite must when you have as many dogs as we have. They are like little furnaces! Hopefully as it cools down you'll start to feel a little better too!

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Send some of that cooler weather down to me please! Its miserable here. I feel ya on the allergies too. I've had them so bad this summer. Sad

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Glad you updated us. It is cooler here now too thankfully. Not sure what you can take for allergies. So sorry about the pain you are in..ouch! Hope you get some relief from it all soon.

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I hate the heat too. It has been miserable here.

I thought I heard you could take Benadryl during pregnancy. I would ask your doc.

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I'm pretty sure you can't take Benadryl (of course every dr is different, mine said no) and I suffer from HORRIBLE allergies, this year has been the worst yet! I use a saline nasal moisturizing spray, it seemed to help me when I was preggo (i use it still) not sure what else to give for advice, but for sure ask your dr Smile hope you get feeling better!

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I just came back from vacationing in Anaheim and San Diego, and going from 75 degrees back to 105 here in Vegas was like walking into a freakin' microwave! It's so stinking hot here! Where's November???!!!