Belly Pic - Then and Now

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Belly Pic - Then and Now

Taken at 15 weeks

Taken at 34 weeks

I'm hoping I will be able to fit the same jersey right til the end - The change is amazing!

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Omg so cool look at you so freakin cute!!!

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you look beautiful! and that sweater is workin' hard for you!! Smile

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(Sorry for the Star Wars quote but) My how you've grown!!

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Great belly!

I have another friend who wears the same outfit for all of her belly pics - even if it doesn't fit by the end, it'll still be cool to see (even if your belly starts popping out!)

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You look awesome. I never thought to wear the same shirt...great idea!! And great shape to your belly.

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"Freesia34" wrote:

(Sorry for the Star Wars quote but) My how you've grown!!

Lol my DH would love you for that!

You look so great Nicole!!