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OK, fess up ladies....

What does your belly button look like these days???

Has it disappeared?

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Mine popped out super early this time!

My normally very cute innie is now a super funny looking outie! You can see it bulge through my shirts already, and have been able to see it for over a month and a half.

At least I can make sure it is really clean Wink Not everyone gets to know the inside of their belly button as well as some pregnant ladies do!

It only pops out when I'm standing up or sitting. When I lie down, it's nice and flat and smooth and non-existent!

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Mine has definitely popped early with this baby. Before I had any kids I swear I had the deepest belly button in existance! You literally could not see the end of it lol... and with each baby it's come out more and more. I still have an innie when I'm not pregnant, but it's definitely out there now. My biggest problem is that I hate when DH touches it, as it's just super sensitive (even not pregnant!) and it makes me feel like I wanna puke when he does it (and of course he tries to poke at it all the time!!)!!!

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Mine hasn't popped out yet. I still have an innie but the button is "peeping" out a little..LOL! I'll give it 3 weeks...

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When I lie down my bellybutton resembles a volcano!! Strange looking thing.I noticed today that I can see it through my top. Last time it didn't pop out.

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Mine is definitely flatter, but not quite flat. I'm not sure that it is going to pop out at all, which makes me a bit sad.

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still an innie... i'm not sure if it will pop or not. it has a long way to go. Smile (8/26/11)It now looks like a check mark and is losing depth very fast! I dont know if it will make it or not.

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Extreme freaky outie.

My son pokes it and yells "baby!" I really think he believes this fleshy monster is actually the baby. Yuck.

When not pregnant, it's a normal looking innie. Odd.

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Mine has been out for a month or 2!! Much earlier this time than with DS!

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Mine is slowly starting to come out.... not quite out as it gets near the end but it's getting there..

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Mine varies from flat to slightly inward. I took my piercing out last month so now that flap of skin at the top looks a little like a tiny bandaid, weird.

Last time it never popped outward, and I never bothered to take my piercing out either. However once I managed to close a door on my bellybar - that hurt!

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Almost flat for me!