Big u/s

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Big u/s

When is your "big u/s"? I am totally confused. I just called my dr, I saw her Monday. She said to call back and make 2 appts one in 4 wks and one in 8 wks, the 8 wks one is the big one. She said to make sure they know in 8 wks it is the big one, because it needs a lot of time.
When I told the receptionist that she said that I already had my big u/s???? (Um hello I am at 13 wks!) Then she said she would schedule a big one in at 4 wks, which still isn't what my dr said, but I know sometimes they do big ones starting at 17 wks. She said if that wasn't right then I could discuss it with the dr in 4 wks.

The girl was really rude to me. The receptionist there are always bizatches! They always say things about how they hate making appts for her. Her appts are too difficult, etc. This is not my fault. I feel like they take it out on me. I am tempted to say something to the dr next time if they are again so rude to me. (It has been more than I mentioned here).

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Our next one at the doc office is 20-22 weeks. We are going to a pregnancy spa to do a gender package one 5/ that is our BIG one! I will be 16 weeks 2 days then.

How rude...grrr.

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i was JUST talking to my girlfriend the other day about how RUDE doctor's office receptionists are! why do they get jobs talking to patients all day if they hate people so much??

why don't you call back and explain that you already had the NT scan but you need to schedule the anatomy scan for 8 weeks from now. explain that you will be XX weeks pregnant by then and that the doctor wants to do your anatomy scan by then.

and if she is still rude, i would insist that you speak to your doctor. you shouldn't have to deal with nastiness!

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First off I would have a talk witht he office manager about the rudeness in the office.The receptionist at my drs office are wonderful. Not to mention who the heck are they to tell you what appt to have when? Your DR is the one who makes that call.I would have the office manager make the appts as your dr requested and I agree I would clarify what appts you need and what you need them for.
My Dr said the next ultrasound will be at 28 weeks.I however cant wait until then lol.So I have made an appt on June 5th. I will then have my one at 28 weeks from the Dr and then I will have a 3D at about 32 weeks.

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I too would bring up their rudeness. It is so uncalled for. There job is to help the patients and do what the doc asks.

I have my gender u/s on Jun 8 - I will be just over 18 weeks. I can't wait!!

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The receptionists at my OB are very nice but at my pedi I have almost complained TWICE now. They are AWFUL. Condescending nasty short. And I love the docs there who are what matters but good lord the receptionist staff are HORRIBLE.

Anyway! I suppose those who have a NT and a later scan have 2 big U/S but for my the "big" one is 18-20 weeks. I can't wait Smile Once we know gender we can really talk names!

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Oh I sorry the receptionist was such a cow!

We are booking my next scan at my next m/w appointment. So will find out soon enough.

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I have a check up with DR next Wednesday teh 11th just for a quick check up and to hear baby heart beat. And the big one is June 8th my birthday. Which I can not wait I will be one day shy of 19 weeks. I am so counting down until then:) lol

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I'm so sorry about the rudeness Sad

My big US in 3rd June. Yes, I scheduled it because I simply had to know before November. SO has consented to going along and is probably pretending to not be so excited since he'd been rooting for team green.

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You need to make sure you tell your doctor about the receptionist. The receptionist is a representative of that practice. When I worked for a doctor's office and my doc got complaints about the front desk she was very good about addressing them and correcting the problem right away. You're doing the doctor a favor by telling her, trust me!