Big weekend plans?

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Big weekend plans?

Anybody have any big or exciting weekend plans?

Yesterday was my day off with SO... we went for a walk, bought some awesome baby clothes and miraculously found some size 14 shoes for him and had some yummy thai.
Tonight is gym and then watching one of our friends perform at a pub (where I will be enjoying delicious water).

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No big plans here, the weekend is almost over (Sunday afternoon here). n

After Friday night we took a nice easy day off yesterday and today I've done washing, sorted through baby clothes and I'm doing my assignment for university.

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My sister is home for the weekend so we did dinner at the family camp tonight. Nothing fancy Evan (DS) ate mostly chips....sigh...toddlers and food. But he was good, entertained the family lol Tomorrow I'd like to plant some flowers and Monday DH and I will probably just relax and enjoy an extra day home

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Work, work, work for me! I am off Monday though, but only because that's my normal day off!