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I was going to post about this on the BF support thread, but I wanted those BTDT moms that might not be BF this time around to get a chance to read as well. While I was BF Trystan today, he bit me! Obviously he has no teeth yet, but he's constantly drooling and knawing on his fists, so I know something is going on. But today he totally chomped down on my nipple and made me cry out and pull away from him! It's not like I can deter him from doing that at this age... all he did was look at me with his precious little confused face and that was that. It's not like he would even understand if I told him no not to do that. WTH?! Isn't it a little early to have to be dealing with this??

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I think they do it just instinctively... I have been bitten by Nick's 2 sharp teeth so many times. For him, he usually does it when he is done eating and wants to stretch or when he has been crying for awhile and is kind of mad and hungry. When he bites me, I just pull away and try again in a minute. You are right, it's not like we can explain to them that : "it's not nice" Smile

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My first never bit. My second would bite occassionally, hard enough to draw blood! I think he was bored and it had to do with the fact he took a pacifier. He was also older when it started.
#3 is an angry biter. If I try to feed him when he is not hungry! BITE! He bites all.the.time. I am not looking forward to when he has teeth.
side note- wow asha you must be rich to afford to take that many kids to disney! Lol

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OT: Asha I love your new pic!

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Keira some times clamps down and lately is has been getting a little bit harder. So I just take it as a sign of her being done and take her off. Usually she is okay with that, but if she starts crying and I can't make her stop then I will try feeding her again. I really am not looking forward to her getting teeth Sad

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OMG if he bites this hard with gums it makes me want to cry thinking about getting a bite like that WITH teeth!! He's only doing it after he's done eating, like he just wants something to gnaw on... but why does it have to be my poor, sore nipples?!?!

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Evan only bit if/when I tried to feed him and he wasn't hungry. I learned to offer once or twice and no more and if he popped off let him finish and not re-offer.

An OMG Asha that picture is WONDERFUL! You have the most amazing family!