bloody show??? mucus plug???

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bloody show??? mucus plug???

I had an internal exam today and was not dilated at all. That was at 3pm. About 7ish (during trick or treat!) I coughed and thought I leaked some urine. About 10 min later I went to pee and noticed I was bleeding/ spotting a bit. I have NEVER bleed after an internal exam. It continued. Then I had an upset stomach and loose stool. The bleeding has subsided now (930). But I am crampy. I had something like this the day before Ds was born. I am trying not to get excited. The blood was not like really liquidy, but kind of stringyish like a period. Not really like a mucus plug. Not sure what to think...thoughts???

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Well it's hard not to get too excited, whatever it is! Maybe it's part of your plug? Glad you're done with your trick-r-treating so you can get on with it, if need be Biggrin

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I didn't have bloody show until I was almost ready to push during my induction...per my nurse. My mucous plug looked like a giant blob of snot and I lost it at 2cm. So your symptoms sound very promising! I hope we have another baby by tomorrow!!!!!!!

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hardly any blood this morning. Still a bit crampy, but not much. I hope something is going on. I had something similar with Ds and was not dilated at all on Sunday morning. He was born the next night!!!!

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Could be anything! I don't recall ever having a bloody show with any of them... nor have i had any real contractions as my first was back labor and my next two were induced with pit! Some btdt mom I am lol!! I hope all of these signs mean something is happening for you though!!

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