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I was just wondering what other boards everyone goes on and posts. It seems alot of people know each other from other boards. For me I lurk on a couple boards just reading about other PG but this is the only one I post on

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i post on my other birth board and this one. that's about it. i used to lurk and post on the breastfeeding board alot when my son was first born. that's a helpful one if you're going to bf your baby!

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I jump around a lot. After checking out what is going on here, I tend to check out today's post. If something is within certain areas, I'll post. Like things on bfing, c/s, ec, ttc, strollers, dysal, baby names, gdb, the anything, hmm there is probably more....

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I also post on my birth boards (July 2007, January 2009) but they are pretty slow these days. Then I also post on the LDS Families board in the religious section, and I pop by the Canada board every now and then.

Mostly I just lurk! I like visiting the Birthing Naturally board (even though I would never do a natural birth! Those women just amaze me and I like to read about them!) and I like to read the debates on the general Debate board. Plus I like to keep tabs on all the ladies from my old birth boards when they have new babies too!

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I post on here, sons BB Dec09 and nov09. I do a bit of lurking on may11,jun11 because of the obvious new births, lol.

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I dont have any time to lurk at other boards.I used to be all over the place and now I just dont have the time.

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Here and Large Families Board.

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I post here and the DYSAL board...but other than that I lurk around to see the pics of the new babies being born.

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I post here, Dec 09 (though it's pretty dead lately) and then planning a family grads board. We have a nice group of girls on that board, it's fun if you want a little community board to join in on Smile We have a monthly chat thread and tend to keep up with our pregnancies etc since we're not all on BBs together.

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I'm generally on the dec 09 board, but as Katie and Nicole said, its pretty dead. I also check out the July 11 board, because I know someone who's due then. Smile

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I post all over! I'm mainly in December '11 because my EDD is Dec 3, although I'm here a lot, too, as I've never gone to 40 weeks and very well may deliver in November. I tried hitting up my other kids' b-day boards, but no one is ever in them. I floated to May and June of '11 to read about the new babys that are being born now... but I always put *lurker* when I post outside of here and December!