Boobs...Big Ones!

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Boobs...Big Ones!

If I weren't so shy (yeah, right!) I would take boob pics. If I had, you would see the MASSIVENESS of the size of mine! I look like a black Dolly Parton before her surgery! DH is starting to get ideas...

It's been 10 years and I completely forgot what engorgement feels like. Devin nurses very well and my body is definately responding. I am pumping for relief. and getting 3 ounces each side!

Hope this eases up by Feb when I go back to work! Anyone else experiencing massive boobage?

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Oh I'm sure I will - mine were like bowling balls when my milk came in with Evan. I had crazy over production and engorgement. My body LOVES to make milk. Today I decided to use my pump to see if I could get my body to get some regular contractions going (epic fail btw) and instead I pumped 2 oz of colostrum. My boobs are ready - WHERE ARE YOU BABY????

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Yup. Got the porn star boobies here. They are large normally, so the milk makes them bigger. I tell dh they are off limits. He pouts.

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omg mine are huge and my milk hasn't even come in yet! i bought these nursing tank tops online for a pretty penny and they are not covering my boobs at all! i got the largest cup size too. where are you getting your bras? i need size huge!

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LOL I know the feeling.I have huge boobs anyways but now they are worse. I need to get resized and get some new bras.

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Big boobs over here! DH wants to have a field day with them lol, but no way will I let him near them... they're way too sore! Thankfully my nipples don't hurt anymore, but the breast area... ouch!!!

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My milk came in overnight.....ouchie! Baby is a lazy nurser, so I am in pain today! I am popping out of my enormous new nursing bras but I know once the engorgement goes down they'll fit OK.

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I'm so glad I'm not alone!! Not that I would wish this kind of boob pain on anyone! I look like I belong in a milk factory or something...LOL!

Little Devin likes one side more than the other. And when he's through, he's done! He may or may not empty the breast. Gonna talk to a lactation consultant on Thurs. Meanwhile, I am storing plenty of milk! I may need a new freezer...LOL!

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Mine have not really changed...just a tad bigger...but I don`t have alot of milk. You ladies can share if you want Smile