Boys Domination!

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Boys Domination!

I never realized how much baby boys were going to dominate our board until I noticed the shocking abundance of BLUE on our arrivals list! So many baby boys!

So far:
Boys: 11
Girls: 4

Who is still expecting a girl?

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OMG! That's amazing! I do believe more girls are coming though?

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Wow! That's not even close to even! I know on the December board it's about 50/50, with 4 or 5 girls on team green...

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I'm on team pink/green...guess we will find out for sure if baby is going to be Trinity or Sean in 11 days!!!! Smile (odds at 20 weeks were 75 % girl...)

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Wow...I did not realize how many boys there were either. It will be interesting to see in the end exactly what the numbers are.

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Must be these fall babies......the last tally on Oct (which I believe she did after everyone had delivered) was 20 boys and only 8 girls....

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The boy tally on the January 2012 board from U/S is a fair few more boys then girls. I believe the February 2012 board is mostly girls though. Interesting how that is. It seems that one month is boy month and the next is girl month or basically even.

Wondering If I will ever end up in a girl month with a little girl. lol. Seems like all 3 boards I've been on the boys seem to dominate.

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I'm still here!!! and having a girl on the 23rd.. so add one more to the girl team Smile

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Expecting a girl on the 28th. I bet I will be the last one on the board to deliver. I had a appointment last Friday and there's no dilation or effacement. Looks like this one will probably go to 40 weeks like my boys.