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I just had a conversation with my 4 year old daughter who was wondering how we were going to feed the baby Smile Her concern was - "But what if your shirt gets wet?"

Who is planning on breastfeeding? What are your breastfeeding goals? Is anyone choosing to start with formula instead? (Don't worry, no judgments here!)

I BF DD for 7 months. I had plans to do similar with DS but I only made it 3 weeks with him, which was discouraging. This time around I hope to be able to BF again for longer. I was thinking of setting a goal like 3 months this time, and hopefully I'll b able to make that one and set another for much longer!

With DD I got mastitis at 4 months but managed to BF right through it and get past the infection. Unfortunately I got mastitis with DS when he was 1 week old :confused: and he had a bad latch as well. I started to dread BFing because it was so painful and I couldn't get rid of the infection. I had to stop BF at 3 weeks for my sanity! I really hope to save the money this time and BF for at least 6 months.

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You DD sounds cute!

I really hope I can breast feed. Last time I had barely any milk. We are not sure if it was from DS being born at 26 weeks or from my breast reduction. I pumped all while DS was in NICU but needed to supplement with formula. We did try to actually breast feed for awhile but I just did not have to milk to satisfy him. So I went back to bottle and just pumped for 8 months. I figured the couple oz was getting from me was hopefully helping. This time the doc has no idea what my milk will be like if I go to full term. My accupuncturist is convinced she can help me get my milk in so I will try that this time too. I would love to only breast feed but we will see. I will for sure still pump if I have the milk so DH can get some feedings in too. He loved bottle feeding our son.

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I breastfeed Kay but then had to stop at 5 months due to me getting pregnant and my supply dropping significantly.

This time I plan on breastfeeding as well and hopefully going till about a year. But I will also be pumping in between sessions so I have a backup supply incase god forbid something happens.

At the beginning when I start breastfeeding I am very lucky with the fact that I can breastfeed and pump at least 10 ounces extra. With Joshua I breastfed him till he was 10 months old and I had an frozen stash of about 1500 ounces, but sadly was unable to use it all due to the freezer becoming un plugged and I lost it all Sad

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I do. I nursed Ds for 14 months. I went back to work after 12 weeks and pumped. I was blessed with a great supply. I froze alot, so even after 14 months he was getting breast milk in a sippy. I am not sure how it will go this time chasing around a toddler and nursing. I put alot of time into it before and I am not going to have that this time. I plan on having a can of organic formula at home as a back up. I will give it my all for sure!!! I still have my pump and all my supplies from DS.

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I BF DS for almost 14 months. In a lot of ways I was lucky. He was full term, healthy, eager to eat, had a pretty darn good latch from day 1 and I had a supply that could have fed a small community of children. I think I was a wet nurse in a past life. Seriously. I just didn't mind some of the things that really stress other moms out (not that I don't totally respect that it truly DOES stress them out it just simply didn't bother me). He cluster fed like a MANIAC from about 6-9...or 11....ever night for weeks. I'd just hang in a chair watching TV and swap him side to side for hours. He also ate alllll the time the kid loved to nurse. And I had a lot of clogged ducts one nasty mastititis infection that came with a lovely fever but I managed to nurse through it and actually didn't have to get antibiotics (though I probably would call the doc sooner now that I know how quickly the fever can hit!). I got good at knowing the signs of clogged ducts and reacting FAST b/c I got them so often and for so long (I was still getting them after my supply balanced out and he was older). I had no issues pumping at work or if I wanted to go out -- I have dog rescue stuff I love to do and babies don't really work so pumping was necessary. Evan had no issue going bottle to breast. Took a bottle at like 2 weeks old never hurt his latch he never minded it. He tended to take less if I wasn't around but it was never a big deal.

This time I intend to go a year too. I had NO expectations with DS. I was a formula fed baby, DH was a formula fed baby. I had NO family or friends who BF. I was kind of the poster girl for what people say you shouldn't do LOL I had formula in the house, I had no goals, I wasn't determined to make it work. I just told myself I'd give it a try b/c it was free and better and it seemed silly to pay A LOT of money for something I could make for free. I'm hopelessly cheap. Then after about 6 or 12 weeks I could not imagine bottles full time. Ugh! Boobs are easy. I didn't have to pack anything. I didn't need to wash anything. A couple diapers, a burp cloth and my boobs I was set! At night I could whip 'em out. He was crabby? Whip 'em out. SO EASY! Anything else seemed like so much work. So despite being the poster girl for all that shouldn't work we went 14 months Smile And now I can't imagine any other way even if the start is harder this time I'll keep going b/c boobs are easy and always with me! LOL And I no longer have many inhibitions I mean I don't let 'em hang out but I'll find a quiet place and nurse just about anywhere. Baby's gotta eat.

I am a firm believer though that too many moms give themselves a hard time! No one should hate feeding their baby. Do whatever works! Nutrition and healthy eating is a lifelong deal nursing is just a piece of that. If formula works for you and makes you happy do that! If exclusively pumping or some formula/BM combo works for you do that! People should just do whatever makes them happy and works for their family. For me free boobie juice available any time is sooo much easier Smile

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Yes I am definatly going to breastfeed! I breastfed Tyler for almost 21 months (she never had any formula) but my milk eventually dried up because of this pregnancy. For a few weeks I painfully nursed her until I gave up; Not even a drop would come out if I squeezed with my hand. I was kind of looking forward to tandem-nursing but I guess that won't be happening.
I was so lucky; I never had any pain or discomfort with nursing, I never got any infections. I had a plugged duct only one time and it quickly went away. Tyler was a good latcher from the start and I always had a ton of milk. It was such a great bonding experience, I can't wait to do it again.

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I BF all three of my babies, but never for more than 3 or 4 months, as I couldn't keep my milk up due to going back to work. I'm really hoping that DH will get his job situation figured out so that I can just stay home with the baby (and the other three kids lol!) and focus on things like BF. I did incorporate formula in there as well, when I was at work or out with the kids, that way it's not so much of a shock for baby when I can't BF anymore.

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I plan on breast feeding as well.... i plan on trying to do it for a year... i would like to introduce formula at some point..not sure when .....but i also plan on pumping so the DH can experience feeding and plus im only taking 6 weeks off and my mom will need to feed him Smile

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"MelanieP" wrote:

I really hope I can breast feed.

SO and I actually went to an AWESOME breastfeeding class last night, through our birth center. The instructer (a professional lactation consultant) recommended this book for individuals concerned about milk supply after breast surgery:

AFM, we're breastfeeding for hopefully 18-24 months, and doing baby-led weaning.

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Goal is to BF for at least 12 months. I have no choice but to pump since I have to work. I am a fan of Enfamil products and will have a small stash of ready made formula on hand in the event of an emergency.

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I will be breastfeeding and am trying to get to at least 6 months.I didnt bf my oldest but for a few days.Making a bottle seemed so much easier and he slept longer between feeds.With my daughter I nursed for about 3 months and then stopped and went to formula which was horrible for her.About a month later I decided to try to pump to get a supply and after about 3 weeks I was about to get enough to pump all her feeds. With Josh he nursed like a champ from the get go.It was super easy to feed him and I hated the idea of having to make a bottle ever lol. I was pumping in between feeds to build a supply up and he was getting a bottle like once a day. I have formula and bottles on hand and I also have my pump.

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I hope to be able to bf this time. I made it barely 3 days. when we got home, dh freaked out because it didn't seem like Jack was getting a latch, and when he did he would spit up like crazy, so we supplemented him the first night home. I pumped for about two weeks and bottle fed him pumped milk and formula-he spat up the milk and spat up the formula. DH was not really supportive of my reasons for wanting to bf, and I wasn't assertive enough to keep with it.

This time dh has already mentioned supplementing or just formula and I told him that's not how its going to work. Honestly, looking back, I was in a bit of shell shock after Jackie was born--the last four weeks of my pregnancy were hell between developing bp problems, losing my FIL, developing pre-e, induction, c/s, AND catching a cold from the midwife in the was dreadful.'s to making it more than a week this time!!!

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Anne - I really hope your DH comes around and is a little more supportive of your opinions regarding bfing this time round.

I am hoping to BF again. Made it to just over a year with DS and plan on reaching that goal again. Although in saying that I never made any goals with DS. If we don't manage to do it, I will be upset of course but we want a happy and healthy baby and a happy mummy and daddy.

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I am a SAHM so for me it's easier to breastfeed. I breastfed DS1 for 16 months until I lost my milk from being pregnant, then breastfed DS2 till he was almost 2 1/2. They both had dairy allergies and refused to take a bottle, so formula would have been impossible.

I am really hoping the new baby does not have that dairy allergy so maybe I can wean a little earlier this time or try out some formula every once in a while.

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I breastfed all my boys from 12 to 18 months. I plan to do it again for at least 12 months. I will be pumping when I go back to work.