Bridemaids - so funny!

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Bridemaids - so funny!

Has anyone seen this movie? DH and I went....OMG it was so very funny. The one problem was they had a very descriptive puking scene. I am feeling much better these days but still puke about once a day......unless triggered. I have no idea how I made it - I heaved a couple times and DH told me maybe to go to the washroom but I did not want to miss any parts of the movie. Luckily I did not get sick. I highly recommend going to see it. Anyone else see any good movies?

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I really want to see that movie. I saw Water for Elephants. It was good although it had some animal cruelty scenes that made me cry.

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Hi girls..hope you're good.

We saw hallpass the other day...absolutely fantastic...

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Wow, I completely want to see Bridesmaids! I think we're waiting until it hits the 2nd run theaters -- Portland has a lot of good restaurant/theaters that show slightly older movies for like 3 bucks a person. Thanks to your sage advice, I don't feel so bad about waiting a month or so.

We saw Suckerpunch a week or two ago-- really visually beautiful. Received some negative analysis from the feminist media, but after seeing the film I don't think it was anti-feminist at all. Kind of disturbing and a bit gory but definitely not as bad as black swan.

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I really want to see this movie! I can't remember the last movie I saw... it just cost too much with 5 of us seeing a movie or hiring a sitter to watch 3 kids lol!

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I just want to see Thor...that guy is soooo hot!