carpal tunnel, now? really??

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carpal tunnel, now? really??

I have less than a week left and NOW I start to have tingling in my hands and fingers??? Wahhh. This is annoying as heck. The doctor thinks its carpal tunnel issues just acting up. My fingers have been tingling off and on all day, mostly the pinky thru middle finger on both sides. I may call my chiro to see if he can squeeze me in tomorrow to do a quick adjustment.

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I have had it bad,(getting better), since 2-3 weeks before delivery. My right hand would really be tingly and painful at night.
I think an adjustment may help you. I can adjust my left wrist but the right one is too stiff, so I think that is why it is worse.
Hope it gets better soon!

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It might be from swelling in your hands, right? I am sorry that you have this to deal with too.

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My hands and feet go numb and tingly super easily. I'm guessing from swelling. I'm not crazy freakishly swollen but I'm typically pretty boney in the hands and feet so I can tell I'm swollen. Like sock lines and rings that fit on my thumb fit on my ring finger. It will all be over will all be over soon....that's what I tell myself Smile

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I don't have that much swelling...a little, enough to make wearing my wedding bands a bit uncomfortable, but I have a "stand in" band that is a size larger that is good most of the time. I felt pretty good today, must have been the way I was sleeping or something the other night. and will all be over soon...

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I had carpal tunnel really bad the last few weeks I was pregnant. I only had it in the right hand. It was especially bad at night.
I had never had it before in this pregnancy or my other pregnancies. I tried accupuncture, but it didn't help me. I only had time for a few treatments. IDK if that is the reason it didn't help or what? But also when I did the accu, it bruised my wrists and legs really bad.
I was also not swollen at all really, sure I was slightly larger than usual, but my other pregnancies I was more swollen at the end.
Also, mine got really bad just after I had the c/s. The first few days in the hospital weren't much fun, because I couldn't hold the baby on the right side. The iv made it worse I think, first because it was pumping so much fluid in me, but secondly because I couldn't move my wrist.
If you can (I have no idea about iv stuff??) maybe ask if it can be put somewhere not directly on your wrist? (you are doing a repeat c/s, right? or am I thinking of someone else?)

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I had that for the last month of my pregnancy with DD, and it was all day and all night! It was so frustrating, especially because it was in my writing hand. The good news is that the day that I had her it went away!!