Carter Matthew

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Carter Matthew

Name: Carter Matthew
DOB: 10/25/11
EDD: 11/8/11
Time: 5:39am
Weight: 7lbs 10oz
Length: 21inches

This is Carter's birth story! *LONG*

Monday night at 8pm we checked in at the hospital and were shown to a birthing suite. The nurse did my admission and explained the process we would be doing: Cytotec vaginally, wait 4 hours, Cytotec #2 vaginally, wait 4 hours, Pitocin IV, OB breaks water around 8am during rounds, finally hopefully baby would be born Tuesday evening. Turns out, my body had different plans! Much different!

During admission she checked me and I was a solid 1cm and 70%. That made me happy because at my appt last Friday I was only a fingertip and 50%. So any progress I made was that much less I had to do during induction. Matt and I DTD on Saturday night and I bouced on my birth ball a little bit as well. So I think those two things helped me out a little bit, or I like to think so, anyway.

By 9pm I was all ready for my first dose of Cytotec. My nurse, Leah, came in and inserted it and said she would be keeping an eye on my contractions and Carter on the monitors. Cool. Matt and my mom were there and we were finishing up watching a football game and just chatting. My contractions started getting a little more intense..enough for me to breathe through them but not enough for meds yet. Carter was tolerating well and so was I. I got up to pee and out came my mucous plug! I knew we were making progress! I was still comfortable and doing well. Leah checked me and I was 2cm. She said she'd be back to check again 1am then to administer Cytotec #2.

I had text Sandra and told her that I was going to try to get some sleep and that I would update her in the morning. At 12:30am I was texting another friend of mine when I felt this funny 'click' and all the sudden I was covered in warm water. It kept coming out like a water fall! I was like, Holy cow! I had no idea there was that much fluid in there. I had a funny look on my face and my mom asked me what was wrong. I said, "Either I peed on myself or my water just broke." She peeked under the sheet and said, "Oh yeah, your water broke. Better call Leah."

So I did. She came in and did one of those pH tests and confirmed that it was my water. I was a little surprised beause Dr. Jones had planned on breaking it at 8am during rounds. She checked me and I was 3-4cm! WOW! Leah told me now that my water had broken that the contractions would get stronger and more painful and boy was she right. They were getting rough but still not enough for an epi yet. So she told me she could give me Stadol via IV. Yeah. BIG MISTAKE. HORRIBLE DRUG. I felt like I was under water. Everything was so blurry and my head was spinning and I was sweating. But at least I was somewhat comfortable and I was just going to sleep for a while. Leah said to let her know when I wanted my epi. I said OK that it would be after the Stadol wore off and Matt and I settled in to sleep. I was having crazy dreams and my body felt weird. I did not like the way it made me feel. Then my contractions started getting worse.

Matt said I started moaning through them. I barely remember because I was so out of it. We had slept for about an hour and a half. Matt told me to just go ahead and get my epidural now. So I hit the call light and told Leah that the Stadol hadn't worn off yet but that I needed more relief. Things were getting super intense and I was contracting about every 2 minutes. She checked me and I was a 5-6. At this point Leah decided that one dose of Cytotec was plenty and they weren't doing the second one or the pit. She called the CRNA and at 2am I had epi attempt #1.

The local anesthetic stung a bit but after that all I felt was tugging and pressure. It did hurt when she threaded the catheter in my back. I almost cried. Then I wasn't getting any relief from contractions. We tried rolling me over side to side and I could still feel everything. The drugs were in me but not working. I started shaking though so I knew I had been dosed. The CRNA had me sit back up and did attempt #2 which, thankfully, was effective. Having to sit still through those horrible contractions was the worst. But Leah was a great nurse and let me lean on her and we made it together.

As the epidural was working I started feeling much better but still shaking and that was freaking Matt out a little bit. They did have to put O2 on me because Carter wasn't doing so great with contractions. So then once everthing calmed down I decided to try to sleep again. I had closed my eyes and was laying there. I could still feel the pressure of contractions but not the pain. Then I felt a big contraction that was not going away and felt a LOT of pressure. I waited and after 15 minutes I called Leah and she came in and checked me. She said Carter was moving down and I was now 7-8! At this point it was about 4:45am. My mom had gone to my house (5 min away) to sleep and take my dog out. Leah told us we better call her to come in. Luckily the on call OB was already there doing a c/s on a breech baby. I was freaking out. I asked Leah if it was time to have him because I wasn't expecting it to happen so fast! She said it would be time very very soon. And then she started getting the room ready!

My mom arrived around 5am. Leah checked me and said I was 10cm and ready to push! We still had to wait on the OB to finish sewing up her c/s. At 5:15 Dr. McGowan walked in and said we could get started. I pushed until he was born at 5:39am! Leah had my right leg, mom had my left leg, and Matt was supporting my neck and shoulders. The pushing was the EASY part compared to all I went through in the previous hours. Matt was a little stunned and said to me later, "I'm so glad you got that epidural. That looked so painful!"

So back to Carter...he came out at 5:39 but was not crying. He looked blue. Turns out he had his cord wrapped around his neck. They put him on my chest for about 10 seconds before taking him away. Apgars were 6 and 7 and he barely started to cry. I was really scared so I told Matt to go with him and my mom would stay with me. So off they went to the nursery while I got stitched up. I have a 2nd degree tear that is pretty uncomfortable.

After an hour in recovery I was getting moved to a PP room. I had the feeling back in my left leg but not my right and my feet were pretty swollen. But I managed to make it into the wheelchair with the nurse and Matt helping me. They wheeled me by the nursery and there was my baby! He had just had a bath and was just laying there, wide eyed, looking around. Matt said he was so good and didn't cry except for when they gave him his Vitamin K shot. They said they'd bring him to me in 30 min after they made sure he could keep his temp up after that bath. He had done well under observation and he just wasn't a cryer. He still is a very calm baby and doesn't get upset about anything!

They brought him to my room but at that point I had two Percocet on an empty stomach and got sick in the trash can. So I let all my parents and Matt's parents hold him while I got over my nausea. Then FINALLY 3.5 hours after he was born I got to hold my sweet boy! He was wide awake and looking at me! I started crying and kissing him. I couldn't believe that was finally here. He looks a lot like me but has Matt's chin and temperment. I immediately unwrapped him from those blankets and unsnapped my gown and we had a long snuggle. He slept on my chest and I just held him and rubbed his hair. He wasn't interested in nursing at all and after being up for 24 hours I was feeling to terrible to try right then. I called the nursery to come get him, as much as I hated to let him go, because I had to have a nap. After I had slept for an hour and a half they brought him back to me and we gave nursing a go.

He would latch for a quick second then break off. The lactation lady helped me but he wasn't really having it yet so I said I'd try later. Which I did around 3:30. He nursed from both sides for 15 minutes! I was afraid I had no colostrum but I was able to express a little bit so I know he got some. He's had some good wet diapers though so I feel somewhat relieved. We're going to talk with lactation later today since I've had some sleep and can now focus on what I'm doing.

That was a lot longer than I thought it would be but if you made it this far, thanks for reading! I'm going to take more pictures and post them later was an exhausting day for me and this darn medicine makes it hard for me to focus.

I never thought I'd love something or someone so much. He's a perfect baby and I'm so glad he's mine. He was worth every struggle to get him here and I'd do it all over again in a second!

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I remember how much worse the contractions were after my water was broken!!!!!

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Awwe the birth story made me bawl-totally. Especially the part where you got to snuggle with him! Congrats Jenni! I thought that he looked like you on that pic Sandra posted!
Take it slowly with the breastfeeding, it usually is a bit of a struggle in the beginning, but it is all worth it!

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What a wonderful birth story! So glad Carter is doing well now. It sounded like an intense labor and delivery but you did it!! Congradulations, Jeni! Enjoy your sweet boy, Carter. Smile

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I'm so happy for you guys, awww ya made me cry too! Great work Mamma! That sounds like a pretty amazing start to his nursing already too.

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Congrats!! Reading this makes me so excited Smile I can't believe we have birth stories coming all the time now!

And it's funny to think about all our birth plans and have a way of throwing a wrench in what we want and expect Wink But a healthy baby is all that matters when the time comes! He's beautiful!

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Congratulations!!! So excited for you to finally have Carter, and so thankful to hear that he's doing well! Very scary about the cord though....
I just saw the pic Sandra posted.. he's absolutely gorgeous!

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welcome carter! you're so cute!!

sounds like the birth went really well...and fast! esp for a first timer! when i was induced at 38 weeks, my little guy wasn't born until the afternoon the next day! i remember very well how bad the post- water breaking contractions were. ouchie!

hope you heal up quickly down there and you and carter get a little rest before you head home. sleep when you can and kick visitors out if you need to!

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Congratulations! I can't wait to see more pics! Rest up while still can. Thanks for sharing your story.

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What a lovely story and TFS! Congratulations and good job. Yahoo

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What a beautiful birth story! This is my fav part about being on these boards! Congrats again to you Jenni, on your beautiful new baby boy! Enjoy every minute while he's teeny tiny... they grow so fast!!