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Cheap baby gear sites

I was just reading the double stroller thread and saw someone (now I can't remember) said they liked a certain stroller, but it was expensive. anyway, I thought maybe we could round up our favorite cheap baby gear sites in one thread.

I don't usually shop in North America, so I won't be of much use Blum 3 Everything there is always cheaper than here.

I often look at closeout stuff on and I know lots of moms use amazon mom for discounts.

When I was in USA, I ordered from here: they seem to generally stock last years models car seats and strollers and therefore a little cheaper than other places.

I love this store I have only really shopped in the real store, but the online prices don't seem so bad. Often they have really big sales and I get stuff super cheap.

Also things like ebay and craigslist are good for deals on used strollers. Oh yea there is a group called stroller swap on yahoo, where it seems all the moms are addicted to stroller buying and sell them only after a few months for reasonable prices.

I have heard has good deals on all sorts of stuff.

Um I am sure there is much more.

If there is anyone here in Europe, I can help better with that stuff Smile

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Good idea!
I love craigslist especially for baby gear b/c some of the gear you use only for about 6 weeks or so. It is not worth paying full price for it. I am going to get a bassinet and a "new" excersauser from CL.

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I got a few things off CL last time and that was really handy. I got one of those cheap frame strollers you can snap the infant car seat in, an extra pack n play for my mom's etc. I've been stalking for one of the higher end double strollers I've been looking at lately so far nothing. But I have time Smile I might look for a crib too - all the recalls on those make me nervous though.

I also check a few of the deal a day sites - got a couple bravado nursing tanks the other day I'm psyched about I cheaped out last pregnancy and I can tell already I'm going to love them (I wear nursing tanks daily pretty much while nursing!)

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Thanks for the info! I have been checking craigslist a lot as well, you can find some awesome deals on there.

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We have a similar site across here in NZ, TradeMe. I get so much gear off there now instead of visiting stores and paying full price for almost brand new stuff! A lot of our baby gear/clothing has come from there.

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I know I just referenced this in another thread earlier today, but I was pretty impressed by Always 97 cent shipping on clothing and I found that they had some carters brand basics for cheaper than (even with the various discount codes I get in emails from carters).

Plus, with shipping that low, I can almost order an item a day Biggrin

thanks for the suggestions - I'm going to check out albeebaby!