Checking in - have been MIA

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Checking in - have been MIA

Hello ladies!!! Welcome to all the new ladies - can't wait to get to know you all. Sorry I have been MIA for almost a week. As most of you know m/s really has been kicking my butt then last week I got a sinus cold that took everything that I had left. So I finally gave in and called my mom to come down. She was with us Sat until tonight. It was great -she cleaned, cooked and just took care of me Smile Finally yesterday I started feeling a little better - m/s is better but not quite gone. I was so happy until today when I went to the bathroom and saw brown blood on my underwear. I know brown is old. But with 6 previous m/c I am a little freaked out. I have my first OB appt tomorrow so I will talk to her then - she has a portable u/s machine in her office so I will know for sure if the baby is OK. This happened last time as well - I spotted two days before my OB appt. Went in at past 9 weeks to find out that the baby had died the previous week. I am so praying that this little one is OK. I really thought that with being this sick and being almost 11 weeks with no problems this little one would stick. Of course my mind is going crazy - I just want to know. There has been very little spotting and only when I wipe. I have been so positive all PG so I am trying to keep that up. Hopefully I will. So I am now going to catch up on all the posts that I have missed - sorry I have not been around to support you ladies!!

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Sorry to hear you are spotting, that must be really nerve-wracking. At least you don't have to wait long until you get to see your baby and make sure everything is ok. Good luck Melanie & you will be in my thoughts & prayers.

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Good luck Melanie! You'll be in our thoughts tomorrow!

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Hoping and praying for you! Keep us posted!

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My thoughts are with you, KUP how your appointment goes Smile

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Oh Melanie, I am sorry that you are stressing so much now. It is understandable, but hopefuly everything is OK with the baby!
Good to hear that your Mom came and helped you out so much- it's nice to be the child for once, huh?
I will keep you in my thoughts Melanie and I hope to see a good update Hon!! All the horrible m/s that you went through, HAS to be a good sign!

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i'm sure that brown spotting is nothing and you'll see your beautiful baby at your appt!

hugs though, i know it's stressful. i have an appt next week and it can't come soon enough.

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Hope your appt goes well...we will be thinking of you KUP

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Thinking of you and hoping for a good report today