Chose a name!

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Chose a name!

(i think) my dh really prefers Maya to Audrey and since I have yet to meet a Maya here and there are a reasonable amount of Audreys, Maya it us! Any middle name suggestions? I like Maya Elizabeth but I've been vetoed on it!!

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I'm so glad you and DH agreed on Maya! It's lovely.

I like Maya Elizabeth too! Too bad, did DH veto it?

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I'm partial to Maya Elizabeth bc Elizabeth is my middle name too Smile

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Maya Claire?

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Yay!!! I really like Maya... hmmm a middle name Yvette? Maya yvette its french Smile

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Love Maya!! My cousin named her daughter that & I think it is just beautiful!

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If we had a girl, her name would have been Maya! Named after my favorite poet Maya Angelou. It's a beautiful name!!

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I love Maya Bella (Bella is my all time fav girl's name ever!) or Maya Blue (this is my middle name and I think colors sound cool in a name lol!)...

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Love Maya!!! I too love Elizabeth...I tried to use it as a middle name and DH said no too. I loved the suggestions of Bella and Blue. Let us know what you decide.