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I just realized yesterday that since this baby may not arrive until the end of November, I need to get everything "ready" for Christmas BEFORE baby comes! This had totally not occurred to me before!

Now I am freaking out. I am certainly not going to want to be Christmas shopping right away after I give birth! I do normally shop for most things online, but I am a bit of a procrastinator. I definitely can't procrastinate this year!

How about you ladies? Are you going to get all your Christmas shopping done before baby comes?

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For our family--there are just a million people to buy/make for. The umpteen kids are super easy--$10-$15 gift cards from Barnes and Noble (for the younger ones), Best Buy/itunes for the older ones. I plan on dyeing a bunch of silk scarves for my sisters and sisters in law, and then wrapping pretty ornaments with the scarf or something. For my hubby-who the heck knows. I really have no clue. I might just suggest we buy a flat screen tv for our bedroom for our Christmas gift for ourselves. For my parents--I really have no idea.

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I absolutely get all of my shopping done well before Christmas. Ideally, I like to be done by the end of November, so that I don't have to worry about anything but celebrating the holidays in December! Plus, it's our anniversary Dec 2 and DD's birthday on Dec 11, so my Decembers are already pretty packed with things to do! This is another reason why even though my EDD is Dec 1, I'm praying that I have this LO in November (even if it's the 30th!) so that my Decembers aren't completely crazy! I actually started Christmas shopping in August this year, as my son's birthday is Oct 2, so between his birthday, DD's birthday, and Christmas presents for 6 kids (counting this LO and my two step-sons that live in Idaho) it's crazy stupid how much we have to buy! Whew, I'm exhausted and broke just writing this all out lol!

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Myself and the girls will be flying cross country for Christmas as usual. So instead of packing stuff I just shop when I get there. For gifts for people here, I wait til I get gift cards for Christmas then shop the sales. We celebrate new years here so I take advantage of the delay to save money!

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uuuugggghhhhh I don't even want to THINK about spending money on Christmas this year. With my unpaid maternity leave, our families will be lucky to get some home made cookies and a picture of the baby.

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Jenni: to be honest, pictures of the baby in a nice frame is probably all your older members of the family want!

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I'm not going to stress too much. We certainly won't be hosting any holidays, adults aren't getting a darn thing as far as presents go, and we'll have to figure out an individual limit for all the bazillions of kids in the family. This is actually a major area of concern since my boyfriend is quite frugal when it comes to everything EXCEPT presents. He's crazy generous, which is nice, but NOT THIS YEAR!!!

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"Jenni Beth" wrote:

uuuugggghhhhh I don't even want to THINK about spending money on Christmas this year. With my unpaid maternity leave, our families will be lucky to get some home made cookies and a picture of the baby.

We did that last year, had photos done earlier and then had them printed and put into nice frames - everyone appreciated them too!

I have done Christmas shopping already through layby and it's just a few that I have to get for our parents. We spend Christmas between the families so I don't need to worry about food etc.

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I will be doing it all after the baby comes..especially since she will be here before the end of October. We have cut back the buying so I don`t find it that hard to do. I like to make stuff but not sure if that will happen. I will for sure be doing stuff with pics of the kids though.

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I'm definitely going to frame baby photos as our main gift for family. Who knows, maybe we'll even get a family photo professionally taken in mid-December and frame those. Atm- it is hard to imagine I'll ever weigh less than a billion pounds and want to have my photo taken Biggrin

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We are only getting dss stuff for Christmas and LO will get his first present too but thats it thats all we can afford Sad We normally have a big Christmas/ bday party but this year will be very different. Mabey my mom will babysit for my birthday and DH and I can have dinner out hmmm...