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I may or may not have just started decorating for Christmas....... :rolleyes:

Since we don't have another holiday up here before Christmas (already had Thanksgiving) besides Remembrance Day this Friday, I decided to be proactive and get out the Christmas stuff before baby comes!

Granted, in my small house it's not that much stuff, but the kids were excited to help this morning Smile Our mantle decor has been switched out, and our tree is up :eek: Ok, Ok.....our Christmas tree is fake and only 1 foot high. It sits on an end table in our living room.

One of these days we will get a nice big tree! If I did it in this house though, I'd have to get rid of furniture to make room!

Anybody else feeling the Christmas spirit and getting started with decorations?

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LOL! well it's probably good to do it now b/c when baby comes it'll be harder to decorate!

we decorate the saturday after thanksgiving so we're not too far behind you. i wonder when we'll do it this year. my due date is the day after thanksgiving so i wonder if i'll be around to decorate! our house is super small too but we go all out. we have an 8ft blow up frosty the snowman outside, icicle lights, light up santas, candy canes, etc in each window in the front and some lights inside.

we seem to add something every year. same goes for halloween.

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Just put away the Halloween stuff and bought some big bows to decorate our railing outside (we have a wrap around porch) I won't decorate inside because dh will be here alone for Christmas and he could care less (grinch!!) and the girls and I are leaving on the thirteenth for Vancouver

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:lurk: we are visiting santa this weekend and putting up our tree! Not a 1 foot tree, a 7 foot one! Otherwise it will never get done. Gotta keep up appearances for DS!

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I'm totally in the Christmas spirit! I'm already playing my Christmas music in the car! As far as the house, though, I think DH would throw a fit if I put anything up before Thanksgiving! He's such a grinch when it comes to timing lol... he's annoyed that anything Christmas related is out in stores and that commercials are already playing on TV. I'm like, where have you been? Have you not been on this planet for the last 35 years?!?! The day after Halloween it's all about Christmas! No one cares much even for Thanksgiving (saldy)!! You better believe the day after Thanksgiving everything is going up!

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I LOVE Christmas!!!! Probably won't decorate until the end of November. DH would probably freak if I decorated earlier. I go all out...and can't wait.

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We probably won't start decorating until probably a week or so into december.. With kay being so young and into everything I think we are going to try and minimize the christmas destruction. lol

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I love to decorate right after Thanksgiving! We try to get our tree that weekend or the next. We have both a real tree in the front and then a fake one in the back It's so much fun Smile