Christmas gifts

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Christmas gifts

Sandra's post about Christmas got me thinking, What will you be buying the new baby?

I was thinking I might get a lullaby glo-worm or a my pal violet, I really don't know what else I could get her. DS got a playmat and life jacket when he was a newborn for christmas, but this time round we have basically everything already.

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I have no idea...have not even thought that far. We too have most of everything and will probably get some gifts when she is born so I guess we will just see after that what she needs. We don`t really go over board at Christmas so it will just be a couple things.

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We got our a "My Pal Violet" when they went on sale at Kohls (I got one for my niece and a Scout for my nephew, too). I was also thinking some kind of crawling/ light up ball type toy that she can grow into. And a play mat, but I am due very end of Nov/ first of Dec.

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We don't go crazy for Christmas either. I tend to buy practical things (like clothes, sippy cups, etc) and let the grandparents buy the fun stuff!

We'll probably do a stocking full of things like pacifiers, teething rings, small toys, and then one small present. Maybe a new mobile? (Our old one is trashed)

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Oh jeez not much LOL I'll probably have some things we need and there are a couple baby things I never got for Evan like a bumbo I thought might be fun with #2. I was thinking he might want to sit up more with a big brother running around. So I think a bumbo will likely be his gift. Between Evan's bday and Christmas I'm going to have to rearrange toys. Oh how I wish we could afford to finish the basement right now!!

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I'll probably wrap up their necessities so they have something under the tree. The nieces and nephews will get to help unwrap their diapers or something!

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kmm: Our finished basement IS the babys Christmas present (for years to come too lol!)

We are flat broke and in debt up to our eyeballs, so dd3 will get something small, probably a new baby, and then a stocking with dollar store things. The new baby will get a stocking with practical things, and then some kind of small toy. (OH, and a Disney Cruise in February if I can manage to come up with the airfare!)

They will get so much from everyone else, and it all gets opened in a whirl, they dont even know who gave them what. Until they are much older I am not going to worry about it. I dont have any 6 or 9 month clothes so if anyone asks what the baby needs thats what I am answering. My dd3 doesnt need any clothes right now but I will ask for some in size four for next year or dress up costumes.

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I'm jealous of your basement Smile I have such big plans for ours in my head LOL An office/spare bedroom combo, a play room, and a small area for the treadmill. Then some storage space. Sigh in time!

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As far as an actual wrapped Christmas gift, I don't think I'll be getting Trystan anything this Christmas. He'll be so tiny and mommy and daddy have already spent tons on him this year preparing for his arrival... plus this is the one and only Christmas that we can get away with not having to buy him anything! He will only be 3 or 4 weeks old, so I think he'll be OK lol...