Clogged Milk Duct

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Clogged Milk Duct

Hey everyone Biggrin

Sorry I have been so MIA. I've been home alone with all 3 kids since coming home from the hospital last Monday. This week is the same, but Friday is DH's last day of work for an entire month! Then I will get some more help and be around more.

Things are going pretty good but BFing is really hard. So many people have looked at his latch and said it is fine but my nipples are so super painful. Then to top it off yesterday I got a clogged milk duct in my lower right breast. It was so painful I walked around crying for a few hours. I got mastitis when DS was a week old and I was afraid it was about to happen again.

Anyways, I wanted to share how easily I got rid of the clog! It was a freaking miracle! Maybe it was because I said a tearful prayer first Smile but it's nice to know God answers prayers about breastfeeding LOL. I took off my shirt and got rid of the nursing bra. I used a warm compress on the affected area for 15 minutes. Then, I breastfed Em pretty much on my hands and knees, hanging over him on the bed. I'm not kidding, my super sore clogged boob was PAIN FREE within half an hour. I may have looked like a ****** hanging over him dripping milk like that, but if anyone ever gets a clogged duct, try nursing on your hands and knees! It worked so well.

Now I just have to worry about the latch. We have a BFing support center here at the hospital across the street but it's only open on friday afternoons. Hopefully I can make it until Friday.

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You go girl! I think you've just invented yoga-nursing, lol. Good on you for being clever and getting that block out. It is scary and miserable when you get them isn't it. Mine were not that bad this weekend but being the first time having these back for this baby I was nervous and stressed about it, it's easy to get weepy when it comes to our mammaries!

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So glad you got it out! I had a lot of issues with clogged ducts with DS1 and nursing in strange positions worked wonders. Hanging over, football hold etc Depending where the clog was I'd have to find a way and massage the area while nursing. I'm glad you got it solved it's so painful!

I hope you can get his latch/your pain fixed too!

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I am so happy that you cleared it quickly. I hope his latch gets better so you can continue Bfing. Good luck.

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Good thinking with clearing that duct! LOL, that is a funny image but desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

Regarding his latch... I had an (inferior) lactation consultant and several midwives tell me Laszlo's latch was fine. Nope, he was totally nipple sucking until we found a good LC who helped us get it right. Keep trying, good luck and KUP!

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I'm so glad you're not in pain anymore and that crazy position helped you out! I would definitely have to do that when DH wasn't around or he would mock me for sure lol! Way to go!!