Cloth Diapers???? (Lurkers, PLEASE chime in!)

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Cloth Diapers???? (Lurkers, PLEASE chime in!)

Does anyone else cloth diaper? Has anyone tried it, or is anyone planning on it?

I'm doing it. I'm overwhelmed at the cost of acquiring 35 cloth diapers - I NEED to start ordering a few a week now. Portland surprisingly has only 1 cloth diaper delivery service- we've decided not to utilize it for a few reasons.

I'm pretty sure I'm going for the all in one diapers. Does anyone have any brand recommendations? How about ideas for the cheapest places to buy cloth diapers online?

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I never used them because 1) I have WAY too much laundrey already to do with the other 3 kids and DH to worry about those! 2)They kind of gross me out! and 3)From what I've heard from BTDT moms on this subject, they're find throughout the day but at night they leak all over and make baby uncomfortable!

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We use cloth with ds during the day but overnight we use disposables. As PP said above they aren't absorbent enough and ds would end up with a rash.

If you are looking for a bargain I'd try ebay or craigslist.

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I was considering it with Sebastian, just to try something different after 15 years of diapering but my oldest kids loudly objected to it. LOL! We are drowning in laundry as it is, so I am sticking to sposies.
I liked the idea of all in ones too. I would stock up, but like with bottles, I would buy at least a few different ones to see which ones work best.

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I did it for a bit but once I went back to work part time it just was too much. I never found a solution for over night, Evan pee'd through EVERYTHING and I tried A LOT. It was very frustrating. I found the laundry a pain - long loads the diapers came out clean but I had to soak and wash in hot then do a cold cycle it was so time consuming (too much when I was working and had limited time to do laundry). Once he was eating solids I found cleaning off poop really not fun at all.

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I'm using disposable. I considered cloth for environmental purposes but the water, electricity, and soap used to clean them are just as bad for the environment than disposable so I quickly tossed that idea. I hope you find something that works for you though!

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*** lurking***
I use bum genius.... AWESOME! I still use disposables at night, and when we go out.
I've used them through 2 kids now so I've saved heaps of $$$$. I bought a little hose attachment for the toilet . I spray the poop off the diaper throw it in a bucket and wash them every other day or so... Easy peasy.


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I was going to suggest the sprayer pp mentioned. I had one at my first house with my first kid (only for 6 wks though). It was awesome, especially with bf baby(although I admit I had no idea what ff poop testure is like). It just slid right off.

But I am a bit OCD, I would get the poop off, then scrub them with hot water immediately, then wash in the washer when I had a load. As the kids got older it got more difficult not having the sprayer (I just used the sink and dumped stuff in the toilet), then solids came into the picture, so I used them less and less often.

Also we do EC, so taking the whole CD off became a chore because our diapers had several snaps. Whereas pullups and diapers can be ripped off if needed.

I have sort of a mix of CDs. The ones I started off with were made by a friend of my sisters. They were/are really good. I can't ever remember a leak. They are the 2 piece type, with an outer layer and a the folded piece on the inside. I think the insides are made from microfleece and the outside is PUL.

The ones I bought here, are crappy. They are way thicker and do not absorb at all. I had to order a cloth liner, then the actual diaper, which was so thick, it was like wrapping a pillow around baby, then a plastic cover to go over it all. The plastic covers sizes aren't big enough to go around the diapers, unless I cut off babies blood flow, so I never got much use out of those! In USA there is such a better selection.

Something I always thought was funny were the paper towel like liners. I never used them, but I thought that was so weird? What happens when it gets wet? Then not only are you cleaning poo out, but trying to get tiny pieces of paper out too.

Anyway, before I ever got any, I wanted the AIO. But people talked me out of it. They are harder to clean and dry, especially in certain climates. I just wanted to mention that before you get too many. Ask other moms in your area what they think. For discounts use ebay or craigslist, there might also be a diaper swapper group in your area?

Oh yea, something a little random, is that diapers (IMO) are like bottles and if you stock up on one type, you might have a problem. Even if a certain brand is highly recommended, it might not work for your babies bum. You can always resell the CDs but that would be a hassle for you. Like my daughter had a serious problem with any brand organic cotton. They hadn't even be wet and it would give her a rash. As soon as I'd take it off and put something else on, the rash would disappear. She has really insensitive skin too.

Also not to deter you from using them but like another PP said, for $$$ and environmental costs you have to remember you aren't just paying the fee of buying the diapers in the beginning, but also the cost of water/sewage, electricity, detergent and any accessories (wet bag, bucket, etc). You also need to calculate your time. So if you are doing it for those reasons, you might come out even either way. But a big bonus to CDs is that your child will not be sitting on chemicals all day. The diaper business is a very big business, not may people really know what is inside there. How are disposables so absorbant?

One last thing, I promise Lol , you can also try to make your own. there are many simple patterns floating all over the internet. You can use old fabric from around your house.

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I am going to use cloth.Well I am going to attempt cloth.I am not opposed to going back to disposable if I find the diapers are not working. These are the ones I am going to try.I have heard good things about them.

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I was in the same boat as you when I was considering cloth diapers, I was very very overwhelmed with all the choices and how many I would need and so on. The diapers that I did end up choosing are and bumGenius 4.0.

For the flip we have 10 covers and with each cover we have 3 inserts for each cover. They are one size so they grow with baby, that way we don't have to continue buying new diapers each time she grows out of one size. We mostly just have the regular stay dry inserts but for two of the covers we got organic inserts and we actually use the organics for night time diapers. We stuff the bumGenius with them and honestly we have no leaks. She gets her last diaper change before her last bottle around 8 and then she is in that diaper from then till about 7 or 8 depending on when she wakes up.

We only have 4 bumGenius 4.0. They are also one size and we decided early on we only wanted them for our night time diapers. When we started her on bottles and she was drinking 8 oz at a time at night then the regular inserts wouldn't hold it and yes she would leak, but once we switched to the organic inserts we have had no more leaks.

Laundry for me isn't too big of a pain. I do it every 2 to 3 days depending on how many diapers she is going through. I do a cold wash, a hot wash, and then two hot rinses. Sometimes though I only do a cold wash and then a hot wash and the diapers seem just as clean. We also use a small box of diaper detergent specifically that we bought at a the place we bought the diapers and we go through it in about 4 months. But thats doing laundry every about 3 days.

With Cloth diapers you do have to be a little more diligent about changing their bums, because if you wait to long then they do leak, but that isn't the cloth diapers fault. Also if you don't like the idea of washing the poop off or scraping it off when they start solids you can buy these liner type things, they are really thin and the pee would just go right though them but the poop would sit on top of it and you could just pick the liner off and throw it in the garbage with the poop Smile

For me those two diapers are what work the best Smile

The flip diapers have started to stretch a little bit but we have been using them for about 6 months every day all day so I am assuming that is normal wear and tear.

I have been cloth diapers for about 6 months now(we started when she was a month old cause she was too little to start in them from birth, so just have disposables on hand right away) And I wouldn't have it any other way Smile

Hope I have helped in some way Smile

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OMG, thank you everyone! So much detailed and FANTASTIC info.

Here is my next question: in purchasing cloth diapers, how many will I want? I hear newborns often go through about 10 diapers a day...I just ordered 24. Should I bump that up to 36?

Amber, thank you especially for the link to sunbaby. I'd not seen or heard of those before - the internet tells me they are really competitive to the more "well known" brands in terms of quality.

Lil, I'm really interested in EC, too. How cool. Making cloth diapers...I'm not sure my cheapo sewing machine is up to the challenge.

And in regards to enviro-impact...there are so many variables that affect the equation - for example, using a clothes line consistently instead of an electronic dryer and adding in factors like EC, etc. Inversely, the cheapest method of obtaining sposies I'm aware of is to order via amazon with the aid of Amazon Mama (sp?) and manufacturer's coupons - which is really incredibly inefficient.

IMHO, diapering is one of the most personal parenting choices of all. I love that Mothers are all so universally motivated to make what they feel are the best choices for their children, regardless of inconvenience. I love that we all work so hard to cover our LOs butts in the way that works best for our respective families.

Thanks again for the answers!

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With Kay we had 10 covers and 30 inserts plus the 4 bumGenuis and it has been more then enough but also we didn't start using cloth diapers until she was about 1 month old because her legs were so skinny. She was also 6 pounds 14 ounces and really long and skinny so thats why we had to wait. But there are newborn cloth diapers you can buy. Hope you find something that works.

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[QUOTE=sweetsriracha]OMG, thank you everyone! So much detailed and FANTASTIC info.

Here is my next question: in purchasing cloth diapers, how many will I want? I hear newborns often go through about 10 diapers a day...I just ordered 24. Should I bump that up to 36?

I personally would start of with 24,but I normally do laundry every day anyways so adding a load of diapers to that wouldnt be that big of a deal to me. You can always order more if you find that your using more than what you need. I personally am order 24 and then I am going to buy 3 or 4 of a different kind of diaper off of ebay to make sure we are getting a good diaper and a good fit.

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I cd for a year until I went back to work and it was great. My only advice is do not buy too many or stock up! I went through eight brands before I finally settled on BG. They also grow so fast at the beginning that I wouldn't buy newborns CDs... Just not a good value in my opinion. I am going to try sundiapers this time though!!

If anyone is interested in sewing their own I have a box of stuff I'm willing to send for the price if postage (about $60 of supplies) MSG me if you want it! There is a bit of PUL, microfleece, minky and what I'm pretty sure is bamboo knit.

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I have used cloth for all three of mine, except if we go out or travel. I do CD in combination with EC (Elimination Communication), where I take my LOs to pee/poop in the toilet/potty/sink starting at birth. That is where I find the most environmental and cost savings - the reduction in diapers.

I use form fitted diapers with snaps, and a diaper cover. We have 2 sizes of diapers (We have done a diaper service for the first 2 months when we would have needed a premie size diaper (my babies are small in the 6lb range at birth). I buy my diapers for $5 each at a place that makes them in town. I have a total of 24 diapers in each size, and currently wash them every 3-5 days. ( I buy Mother Ease diaper covers with velcro. I have two diaper covers per size of diaper.

In terms of leaks, that is entirely dependent on how they fit and how often baby is changed. The only time I have ever had a diaper blowout is in disposable diapers.

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"sarahsunshine" wrote:


I have used cloth for all three of mine, except if we go out or travel. I do CD in combination with EC (Elimination Communication), where I take my LOs to pee/poop in the toilet/potty/sink starting at birth.

Wow! Cheers for being so organized - hopefully by the time I get to LO #2, I'll have a system down, too!

I'm especially impressed by the EC starting at birth - I've been telling myself I'm not going to worry about that for two weeks! I need to read up on natural baby hygiene, though.

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I love CD. I don't find the cost to launder very much at all. I looked at our water bill ( bear in mind we added baby clothes to the list too) and our water bill changed only around $5. Our electric didn't really change that I noticed either. Sure there is the extra time it takes to do an extra load every three days or so but really it's not much.

I use disposables at night after trying everything in the book for nights It just doesn't work for us this time. I still love CD overall. It's saved us a ton of $$$. Plus they are so cute!

I recommend the flip system as well. It's pretty cheap, one size, and really easy to clean and change. We also have lots of pocket diapers(bumgenius, mostly) and they are great for DH and babysitter to use or anyone leary of CD.

Starting to collect now will help spread the cost but overall the cost stacks up to about 4-6 months worth if disposables. Not bad when lots of kids are in diapers for 3 yrs. And you can use them for more than one baby.

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I love the flip system! I like that if you're out you can use the disposable inserts. I need to get more-I've been using them for Jack.

One word of caution about AIO's is that they often take a long time to dry. I generally use prefolds and a cover, fitteds and a cover, or the flips. I have trouble with pockets leaking on Jack, but I only have cheap eBay pockets...

Good luck!!

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We CD'd all four of ours and I love it.

We use chinese prefolds with wraps (I like Thirsties wraps)-- it is the cheapest system. We don't pre-soak or anything. Breastmilk poops just wash right out without any extra rinsing or anything. I know the hardcore CD'ers will tell you not to bleach your dipes-- but I always bleached ours and they lasted for four kids-- so I think it's fine...

And once baby is on solid foods, we use rice paper liners. Essentially they are disposable liners you put in w the diaper. When they poop, you simply pull out the liner and flush the poop away. If they just pee on the liner, we wash and re-use. We would get 4+ uses out of each liner that wasn't pooped on.....

We love CD'ing. It saved us so much money over the years.

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I love CD'ing. Truly.

How many dipes do you need? I think 24 to 30 is fine to start. Also it more becomes how many can I afford because let me tell you...buying these cute suckers is addictive! Our stash contains probably 50-60 diapers alone, if I include covers probably 70-75. Yup, addictive.

Kelly's Closet is nice because there are reviews of popular diapers on there.

Our faves changed with age. As a NB we loved our prefolds and kissaluvs fitteds with covers (Thirsties). As he got older we really fell in love with KiwiPie fitteds with covers. And Rumparooz.

Every diaper fits a baby differently so my fav diaper may not fit your baby perfect. That's one reason I always recommend buying a variety of styles and brands. This way you can find what works for you and your baby. I will add that pockets are great because you can stuff them to accommodate your baby's needs and I love the Kissaluvs diaper potion! Oh, and cloth wipes!!

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Thought this review might help:

This article is 26 pages long and has some good info: