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CM tinted

HI all,
Gotta worry again. PG sx have been increasing Yeah! But then last night and this am my CM has been tinted brown. I know this could be totally normal but within the next two 2 days is when I MC in Oct.

Thanks for listening. Just needed to vent some worries. This beanie has been 2 years in the making.

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brown is not necessarily a brown thing. people often have that in early pregnancy. in fact, my doctor yesterday said he wants me to come in for a pap in two weeks and reminded me that often there is a little discharge from it from stuff up in the cervix and that it's normal and not to worry.

try to relax if you can. hoping it's just nothing!

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I'm sorry that you are worried now. Hopefully it's nothing bad and you will go on having an uneventfull pregnancy after that!!

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I understand how you fell, I had a m/c in Oct as well. I hope all is well and try to relax...easier said than done I know.

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Huge hugs to you.
Try not to worry.
Brown blood is old blood.
Keep an eye and if you're worried talk to your ob.
In the meantime..feet up and plenty of water.

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Thanks ladies. A few words of support and encouragement from y'all helped oodles. I really appreciate it.

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Like PP brown blood is old blood.

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Even though everyone is different if it makes you feel better every time I have m/c the blood starts off red. I agree that brown blood is old...even though I also understand it is hard not to worry. Take care.

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Shea -

How is the spotting?

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Stacey- you are sooo nice to ask.

It stopped for a two days but then I had a bit today. Symptoms are still fluctuating. All this together makes me uncertain/certain from minute to minute. I'm holding out for the 10-12 mark to get an U/S as whatever is going to happen will happen.

Thanks again for checkin in