Colic Calm/Gripe water.

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Colic Calm/Gripe water.

We finally have some relief from the insane amount of fussiness and gas we have been dealing with.We have tried everything to get this under control. Switching formulas and bottles.Burping until our arms were about to fall off.We tried gas drops the swing and bouncer seat.NOTHING was working for long. The Dr decided he has colic and that was frustrating all in itself. We have been using gripe water off and on and it worked when he wasnt wanting to nurse well in the beginning a few drops of that then he would latch right on and nurse like crazy.But it didnt do much for the gas or fussiness. I loved it but it slowly stoped working and was useless to give it to him anymore. We finally found a formula that is helping with the gas a little bit too. A friend suggested Colic Calm gripe water. It isnt like the gripe water I had been using ( which I later found out isnt regulated by the FDA). Colic Calm is regulated by the FDA and has very good reveiws. Evenings are hell in my house. Usually from 6 pm until 10 is a parade of pass the screaming baby around. Nothing keeps him content longer than a few minutes.It has been the last 2 weeks this way.Mornings have been great but I have seen them going downhill too. Last night I gave him the first dose of the colic calm ( which is $20 for 2 oz at cvs incase anyone was wondering) and with the second does 30 minutes later I had a happy smiling cooing baby laying on my bed at 9 pm. I almost cried cause evenings have been so rough. So anyone who is having trouble with a fussy gassy overtired teething baby this is a FDA regulated homeopathic suggestion that seems to be working for us.I also read that it helps with reflux,teething and basic upset tummy as well. I have also heard if it doesnt work and you call them they will refund your money.

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Oh wow, that sounds like a miracle formula! And I bet they know how desperate parents can get, so they charge accordingly! Either way, it sounds like you have found something that helps , I am glad you did!
Nicholas had been cranky all last week, but it has gotten better lately. But if things get worse, I am definitely picking up that gripe water!

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Amber I'm so glad that Landon is feeling better and that you found something that works for him!! I've had a couple of those nights where you're so tired you want to cry (and sometimes do!) and they're no fun...