Come out, come out!

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Come out, come out!

Man, are we ever dead! I'm glad we can keep in touch in other ways too, but I can't believe how dead it is around here!

What's new with you and your Sweet Potato?

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Helllllo! I had the same thought earlier but didn't get to posting!

Rory is....RORY! LOL I had a little pity party for myself this morning when 2 FB friends ( people) with babies months YOUNGER than Rory posted about their wonderful sleeping through the night babies. Rory is a co-sleeping, night feeding little monster. But I can lay and nurse him to sleep around 8 and then get up and enjoy a few hours with him asleep in our bed. Small victories?

Rory naps like doo doo b/c he only really sleeps in our bed and mostly with me in it for him to snuggle with.

He LOVES to be on his belly and is really trying hard to crawl. He's not there yet but he can get himself shuffled around the floor. He loves being mobile. I think when he can REALLY move himself around he'll be much happier. I've joked from birth that he hates being a baby and I think there's some truth to it. He wants to move himself around.

He's not an easy baby by a long shot but he's darn cute. I suppose it's a lucky thing! LOL We just started playing with solids. In the morning i give him a taste or two but he mostly spits it out. I'm ok with that, it took Evan until around 9 months to really EAT solids. He gnawed on an apple wedge today and tried some puree. He'll eventually eat something besides BM Smile

How are you all? Does your baby nap on schedule and STTN? Do they eat everything? Are they crawling, pulling up etc?

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Well Aubrey sounds a lot like Rory in the sleeping department! Hardly ever naps and likes to feed in night.

We have just started on solids in the last month, seems to be going well and seems to like food. It was just before her 6 month birthday. With Taine I was an eager first time mumma and started at 4 months and ignored all the signs he was ready!

I think Aubrey will commando crawl, she kinda drags herself along to get places.