Coming out of "Lurkdom" with a Belly Pic!

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Coming out of "Lurkdom" with a Belly Pic!

Hey Ladies! I just wanted to say hello! It's been a few weeks since I've posted a thread. I needed a mini break from my online life to deal with my offline life, KWIM?

Things are much better now and I'm looking forward to the "countdown" for baby Devin to arrive! Going to see my OB I will update you on our progress!

Here is my latest belly pic.. Smile Talk to you soon!

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I'm glad things offline have improved for you. Hope you are feeling recharged!

You are definitely glowing!

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**Lurker **

Looking Good

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You look great! Love that top!

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Awww, beautiful pic Tamara!

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Glad you are out of lurkdom and back with us. Great pic. Hope all is well in real life...let us know if we can help!