Completely exhausted....

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Completely exhausted....

Ugh, I am so sleep deprived, its not even funny. Logan is 1 week old today, and on day 4 he turned jaundice, so we had an overnight stay at the hospital so he could go under the lights for phototherapy. The kids haven't really been gone much, just one night at a friend's house and then the weekend with my parents, so they are home, and a little bit crazy. I didn't sleep while at the hospital because the lights were so bright in the room, and also his sunglasses kept falling down onto his nose and he couldn't breathe properly. So I was constantly checking on him. Then last night he was up until 2:30am screaming.... which is so unusual because so far he hasn't cried at all. I think he had gas, or just was going through a growth spurt and wanted to bring more milk? Ugh. My dh is home this week, but its currently 9am and he is still sleeping. Seriously? I got up at 6 to feed Logan, then we fell asleep in bed, then I nursed him the other side at 8, because I was so engorged, and then the kids were up, so I've gotten them breakfast, etc, and they are playing, googling over Logan. But shouldn't I be the one catching up on sleep? I am just so tired!! Sad
How are everyone else's LO's sleeping? Its been a while since I had a newborn, so I forget when they have growth spurts... is anyone who is nursing having to avoid certain foods??
Thanks for the vent. Smile

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I hear ya Julie!

We got home from the hospital yesterday and I am home alone with all 3 kids today. Thankfully MIL is taking Ella to preschool and also bringing us supper. I could really use a nap this afternoon but I don't think Eli will nap today......

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Hey Julie... Im so glad to see another mommy that had a baby on the 22nd! I was wondering if there was someone else there with me and my little Trystan! Anyway, I know exactly how you're feeling! Im exhausted!!

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Hugs. I am still in the fog, but not as bad as a few weeks ago. Going through labor puts your body through so much! Then there is taking care of newborn on top of other responsibilities! It does get better though!

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hang in there, surely it will get easier. i avoided gassy-foods like broccolli cauliflower etc

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I've been exhausted since Carter turned 2 weeks old...and he's 5 weeks now. I'm use to it by now..argh.

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Yep! Tired here too. This is only the third night at home though so I keep trying to remind myself that it will be a while til he sleeps. Having a toddler makes it really difficult too.

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I am with ya! Some days are worse than others. Landon has colic now so from about 5pm until about 9 is non stop crying. He was an angel until the last week and those 3 hours of crying wear me out. He eats at about 9:30 and will fall asleep shortly after 10:30 and sleep for 3 hours and is up every 2 for the rest of the night.I have to get up at 5:30 when DBF gets ready for work and when he leaves at 6:30 usually my 4 year old is awake and at 7:30 it is time to get the rest of the crew up for the day. If I manage a nap it is an hour maybe.My house is a wreck and I am not far away from being crazy at this point lol. DBF and I have talkked about me pumping a little more throughout the day and him taking the feeding at like 5:30 or 6 before he leaves for work and me being able to sleep.I just really dont want to give him a bottle at all. might have to if I dont start to get some rest.I am not nearly as bad as I was with my 4 year old.He ate every 2 hours sometimes for 45 minutes or more.Landon is all about business.He eats and either lays in bed quite so mommy can go straight back to sleep or he falls asleep while nursing.