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I haven't been in 4 days!!

Any ideas to get me going?

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Fresh orange.
Get a stool and put your feet on it when you oare on the loo so that you look like your squatting..that should open you up...and avoid piles!!!!


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Drink lots of water or fruit juice. Eat fiber. Drink more water. Oh, and drink water.

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Eat fresh veggies like celery stalk, carrots. Fruit will help too. Coffee somehow helps get things going, if you can stand it. I feel your pain- it's one of those annoying symptoms.
Are you taking iron pills? The dosage might be pluggin' you up.

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water water water. have a cup of coffee or tea. that should do the trick. i would hold off on taking any supplements because it may be a little TOO helpful!:eek:

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There is a tea called Smooth Move. It is safe for preg.. and it works. Wink

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Grape juice & dried apricots works like a charm for me. GL!

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Thanks for all the great advice.

Shopping tomorrow so I'll make sure I buy lots of fruit and vege Smile Pick up some prune juice too. Try and find something I can add to water bcoz it tastes so chemically!

I wish I could still have my morning coffee, but the taste at the moment is really off putting makes me want to :puke:

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i drink at least 64 oz of water a day and it still doesnt help with my constipation. Im so getting a stool softner. I hate prenantals because of that

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I'm on extra iron so my poo is green...and as I have collitis when I get constipated I don't need to worry about it being hard when it does come...I guess there are blessings in a dodgy
hope you manage to go soon...keep a magazine or book by the loo so you can relax in there when you need to. Smile

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My doctor said I could eat Activia, so I have one every other day and it helps a lot.