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Ok so what are your cravings so far if any??

Mine is fruit.I love it and I cant get enough. Also yogurt.I have been eating yogurt at least once a day. OH and steak sauce.I swear I eat steak sauce until my tounge is sore I sure hope that passes soon.

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Pretty much it really, oh and if someone posts about food I generally start feeling like it too!

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I was crazy about yogurt until about 12 or 13 weeks and then it started disgusting me/giving me the worst heartburn. WEIRD.

Green apples and green apples. Smile

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I've just been HUNGRY lately. Like I could eat from the time I wake up until I go to bed. I'm trying to keep tabs on it, eat healthy things etc etc but man it's hard. Like right now I've had dinner, it's 9pm I should be good but I really want a bagel. I'm fighting the urge....

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None. This sounds silly but I want to have a crazy craving..hopefully it will come Smile